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Research Department of Genetics
University Medical Center Groningen

Genome Analysis Facility performed 3.5 billion genotypes in 2008

10 januari 2009
Infinium Beadchips
Infinium Beadchips


By producing over 3.5 billion genotypes in 2008 the Genome Analysis Facility of the department of Genetics proves to be capable to perform large scale genotyping projects.

The majority of the genotyping was performed using the Illumina Infinium platform. The Illumina platform is very flexible and is at the forefront of genotyping technologies.

Hybridisations were performed using multi-sample BeadArrays, and the process was streamlined with the Tecan Freedom EVO to automate the loading and staining of the BeadArrays.

Besides the performance of Genotyping studies by processing Infinium slides, the Genome Analysis Facility also offers the possibility for Next Generation Sequencing, Expression Studies and Liquid Handling.


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