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Eurocat awarded the 2017 NACGG innovation prize

03 July 2017
Registry leader Dr. Hermien de Walle (with prize) together with her predecessors Prof. Leo ten Kate and Prof. Martina Cornel. To the right, Prof. Irene van Langen, head of the department of Clinical Genetics of the UMCG, which includes Eurocat Northern Netherlands.

On Friday June 23, the board of the Dutch Association for Community Genetics and Public Health Genomics (NACGG) awarded the 2017 NACGG innovation prize to EUROCAT Northern Netherlands.

The prize was presented to registry leader, epidemiologist Dr. Hermien de Walle, by her predecessor, Prof. Martina Cornel, who was registry leader herself until 1999.

Eurocat Northern Netherlands has been active in the Netherlands and Europe for more than 35 years, and the NACGG prize recognizes Eurocat’s scientific research into promote healthy pregnancies

The NACGG endorses the importance of birth defects registries with respect to pregnancy outcome, a need emphasized by the recent example of Zika-virus-related birth defects abroad and, closer to home, by the impact of smoking and medication use during pregnancy on the development of the unborn child.

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