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Research Department of Genetics
University Medical Center Groningen

4th March 2011 - a big day

18 January 2011

Two inaugural lectures by Irene van Langen and Richard Sinke

In their lectures they will consider the huge advances made in human genetics in recent years. Now that the whole genome (DNA) of a person can be analyzed, the diagnostic possibilities seem endless. But is that really so? And what consequences will these advances have on our work and for the patient? Their titles reveal a little of what they will talk about (the lectures will be given in Dutch):

Richard Sinke, Professor of Genome Analysis: "In the highest gear"

Irene van Langen, Professor of Clinical Genetics: "The next generation: standing still but not losing speed".

To be given on  4 March 2011, at 3:30 pm in the Nieuwe Kerk, Nieuwe Kerkhof 1, 9712 PT Groningen


60 years of the Dept. of Genetics

Prof. Irene van Langen and Prof. Richard Sinke are planning to give their inaugural speeches on Friday 4th March in Groningen. On the same day the department will celebrate its 60th jubilee. On 13 January 1951, Dr. Albert Polman was appointed to an exceptional chair in Human Genetics in Groningen and this was the start of the present department.

We will present aspects of our daily work in a poster fair and the current head of the department, Prof. Cisca Wijmenga, will reflect on 60 years of genetics in Groningen. Then a work of art by Peter Bastiaanssen will be presented to the UMCG.


13:00  “The Department of Genetics presents itself”,  posters  in the central hall, building 50 (entrance no. 47 on the Oostersingel)

14:00  60 years of Genetics in Groningen, Prof. Cisca Wijmenga

14:15  Work of art by Peter Bastiaanssen to be presented to the UMCG

15:00  Depart for the Nieuwe Kerk

15:30  Inaugural lectures by Prof. R.J. Sinke and Prof. I.M. van Langen (of course, you may wish to attend only the lectures)

17:00  Reception

Please let us know if you plan to attend. Register by email before 24 February.


Other events for 2011

We have agreed to work on the Night of Science (Nacht van de Wetenschap), which will be held on 4 June in Groningen. There will be science and art exhibits set up throughout the town and we will have one in the A church together with ScienceLinx. In addition to the DNA bar (as set up at last year's Noorderzon festival), we will make 3D models of wild-type and mutant forms of a gene and we will, of course, explain what we’re doing. 

This is all being organized by the Groningen Agreement (Akkoord van Groningen), a joint venture of Groningen town, the university, the UMCG and the Hanze Higher Vocational School.



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