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Anneke Lucassen - From mutation to relation

Inaugural lecture, Johanna H. Bijtel chair
16 July 2015

Prof. Anneke Lucassen gave her inaugural lecture on 6th October 2014 on taking up a two-year post (2014-2016) to the Johanna H. Bijtel Chair in the Department of Genetics, UMCG, where she is working closely with Prof. Irene van Langen. Prof. Lucassen is a clinical geneticist at the Wessex Clinical Genetics Service and also Director of the Clinical Ethics and Law Centre, University of Southampton, UK.

"From mutation to relation - The challenges of personalised medicine in the genomic age"
The ability to analyse a human genome- a person's entire genetic code- has increased in speed, and decreased in cost by about a million fold over the last 2 decades. It is now possible to routinely analyse a person's entire genetic code at a cost affordable to many health care services. This has led to much optimism about the ability to personalise approaches to health care based on the particular characteristics of a genome. Whilst much of this excitement is appropriate; there have been some fantastic examples of stratifying treatments (or of directed interventions according to genetic variants), there has also been much hype and some unrealistic expectations of what a genome result can ever expect to predict.
I want to have a closer look at this area between a genome sequence and its interpretation [...]

Download pdf of the lecture; more about Anneke Lucassen's work

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