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Our research institiute has four labs for the study of language production, comprehension and acquisition:

  1. Articulography Lab: The Articulography Lab allows researchers to study speech production by recording speech, tongue movements via electromagnetic articulography and ultrasound tongue imaging. Please contact Martijn Wieling,, for information.
  2. ERP lab: CLCG researcher have access to the equipment of the IDEALAB* ERP lab. Please contact lab manager Srdjan Popov,, for more information and to make reservations. *(Erasmus Mundus PhD Program International Doctorate for Experimental Approaches to Language And Brain )
  3. Eye lab: The Eye Tracking Lab allows researchers to study language processing and language aquisition by analyzing head and eye movements. For more information see their website or contact Amélie la Roi,
  4. Psycholinguistics lab: Research rooms to run experimental studies on language comprehension and production. For more information contact
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