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Research projects

Externally funded CLCG projects

For an overview and description of other ongoing research projects please visit the webpages of the CLCG research groups.

Current externally funded projects Grant Period
IDEALAB International Doctorate in Experimental Approaches to Language and Brain (Roelien Bastiaanse) EU-EACEA 2011-2019
Literate: Early identification and prevention of reading problems in alphabetic and semanto-phonetic writing environments (Ben Maassen) Marie Curie EU (IRSES) 2013-2017
Improving speech learning models and English pronunciation with articulography (Martijn Wieling) NWO-VENI 2013-2017
Effectiveness of explicit vs. implicit L2 instruction (Kees de Bot) NWO-DG 2013-2018
Grasping Meaning across Languages and Learners (GraMALL) (Angeliek van Hout) NWO- Int. in the Hum. 2014-2017
Parsing Algorithms for Uncertain Input (Gertjan van Noord) Nuance Foundation 2014-2018
Lost in translation - Found in Meaning (Johan Bos) NWO-VICI 2015-2020
Acting individually or together? An investigation of children’s development of distributivity (Petra Hendriks) NWO-DG 2016-2020
Idioms in the ageing brain: The effects of age-related cognitive decline on the processing and comprehension of idioms (Petra Hendriks) NWO-DG 2016-2020
Learning language from expectations (Jacolien van Rij) NWO-VENI 2016-2020
The Language of Fiction and Imagination (Emar Maier) NWO-VIDI 2016-2021
Schrijfvaardigheid in ontwikkeling binnen het Hofstad Lyceum (Kees de Glopper) NRO Kennisrotonde 2016-
SPOD ( Jack Hoeksema) Clariah-Core 2017-2018
Taalcompetenties voor een dynamische arbeidsmarkt (Kees de Glopper) NRO Beroepsonderwijs 2017-2020
Predictive processing in children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (Petra Hendriks) NWO Promoties in de Geesteswetenschappen 2017-2021
Try to see it my way: when do speakers consider the listener's perspective? (Jorrig Vogels) NWO VENI 2017-2021
Polytheism as language. A linguistic approach to divin plurality in the religious experience of Greek worshippers (Saskia Peels) NWO VENI 2017-2021
Recently completed projects Grant Period
Linguistic, sociolinguistic, social and sociodemographic factors of bilingual development among migrants (Kees de Bot) NWO 2007-2015
Crossing communication borders: first language reversion in healthy, aging Dutch migrants in Australia (Merel Keijzer) NWO-VENI 2010-2015
The Conversation Frame: Linguistic Forms and Communicative Functions in Discourse (Esther Pascual) NWO-VIDI 2010-2015
The age effect in bilingual development (Monika Schmid) NWO-VICI 2010-2016
INCPAR (Incomplete Parenthesis) (Mark de Vries) ERC-Starting Grant 2010-2016
Developmental project (DEVO #1): Experimenting with mixed modes of data collection (Yfke Ongena) NWO-MaGW 2010-2016
International adoption and language development. a perspective from Kindertransport survivors development (Monika Schmid) NWO-Open Competition 2011-2015
Language use in real time: the dynamics of lexical knowledge in L1 and L2 (Kees de Bot) NWO-DG 2011-2015
Neurolinguistic profiles of developmental dyslexia in a longitudinal perspective (Ben Maassen) NWO-Open Competition 2011-2016
Mutual intelligibility of closely related languages in Europe (Charlotte Gooskens) NWO-Open Competition 2011-2016
IROHLA “Intervention Research On Health Literacy among Ageing population” (Carel Jansen en John Hoeks) EU FP7 2012-2016
QtLeap (Gertjan van Noord) EU FP7-ICT 2013-2016
A Crosslinguistic Perspective on Children's Acquisition of Grammar Meaning Interface (Angeliek van Hout) Van Gogh Program 2014-2016
Frontiers of Language Variety (John Nerbonne) NWO- Int. in the Hum. 2014-2016
PaQu in Clariah (Gertjan van Noord) CLARIN-NL 2015
Taalportaal – Links naar Corpora (TPC) (Gosse Bouma) CLARIN-NL 2015
Direct ter zake (Gosse Bouma) NWO-Kiem 2015
Informatie-Extractie met Netwerken en Syntaxis (Gosse Bouma) NWO-Kiem 2017
Past projects Coordinator
Crosslinguistic Aphasiology Roelien Bastiaanse
Language Testing during Awake Brain Surgery (LTABS) Roelien Bastiaanse (cooperation with UMCG)
Role of the Verb in Sentence Processing Roelien Bastiaanse
Deep Semantic Annotation Project (D-MAP) Johan Bos
Asymmetries in grammar Petra Hendriks Gertjan van Noord
Modelling textual organisation: coherence en cohesion Gisela Redeker
Dependency in Universal Grammar Jan-Wouter Zwart
Langlopend onderzoek naar vroege kenmerken van dyslexie Frans Zwarts, Pieter Been

Auditory Perception in Healthy Speakers and in Speakers with Acquired and Developmental Language Impairments

Roelien Bastiaanse (cooperation with the University of Utrecht and Radboud University Nijmegen)

Language, multilingualism and integration Kees de Bot & Monika Schmid
Linguistic determinants of mutual intelligibility in Scandinavia Charlotte Gooskens
Mutual intelligibility of closely related languages in Europe: linguistic and non-linguistic determinants Charlotte Gooskens
The impact of age and exposure on forgetting and retention of the birth language in international adoptees: a perspective from Holocaust survivors Monika Schmid
Morphosyntactic Development in Frisian-Speaking Children Nynke van den Bergh
Coreference Resolution for Extracting Answers (Stevin/Corea) Gosse Bouma
Question Answering for Dutch Using Dependency Relations Gosse Bouma
Conflicts in Interpretation Petra Hendriks
Optimization in Coordination Petra Hendriks
Pionier Project I: Reflections of Logical Patterns in Language Structure and Language Use Jack Hoeksema
TMR Network -- Learning Computational Grammars John Nerbonne

Building ICT Research Capacity in Uganda

John Nerbonne

Algorithms for Linguistic Processing Gertjan van Noord
Dutch Language Corpus Initiative (D-COI) Gertjan van Noord
Identification and Representation of Multiword Expressions

Gertjan van Noord & Gosse Bouma

Interaction in the Multicultural/Multilingual Classroom as a Means of Inclusion and Exclusion Gisela Redeker
Pionier Project II: The Neurological Basis of Language Laurie Stowe
On the Low German Influence on Kashubian Dialects Hania Toby
Parataxis: the third Dimension in Syntactical Space Mark de Vries
The Syntax of Nonsubordination: Parentheses, Appositions and Grafts Mark de Vries
The Role of the Verb in Dutch During On-line Spoken Sentence Processing and Spoken Sentence Production Femke Wester
Clausal ellipsis and the syntax-semantics interface Frans Zwarts

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