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Research Center for Language and Cognition (CLCG) Research

Usage of the EyeLabs/eye trackers

Procedure request portable eye-tracker

  1. Develop a timeline for your project;

  2. Apply for ethical approval (CETO or METc);

  3. As far in advance as possible, fill out this request form. The request form will be reviewed by the EyeLab coordinator and the Humanities Lab manager;

  4. Upon approval, you will receive detailed instructions regarding the protocol for utilizing the labs/eye trackers.

Who can use the labs and the eye trackers?

  • Staff members, including PhD students;

  • Master’s students, under the condition that they can demonstrate considerable hands-on experience with the eye-tracking technique (see below).

Please note:

  • Upon request, the Humanities Lab/Language and Cognition Lab manager (Irene Mognon) can provide eye-tracking training. Regular eyetracking training sessions, open to all staff members, are organized twice per year. Please see the calendar here;

  • Staff members (including PhD students) have priority over master’s students for using the portable eye-tracker.

  • For more information, please contact the EyeLab coordinator (taaleyelab

Last modified:11 October 2023 1.35 p.m.