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Research Center for Language and Cognition (CLCG) Research Discourse and Communication PAT: Pictures and Text

Project Members

Project leaders:

Ielka van der Sluis
Ielka van der Sluis , Principal Investigator
Gisela Redeker
Gisela Redeker , Co-investigator

Current Members:

Renate Vergeer
Renate Vergeer , Research Assistant
Jonas Bulthuis , ICT-consultant
Herbert Kruitbosch
Herbert Kruitbosch , Scientific Programmer
Anne Onnes
Annet Onnes, Student Assistant

Past Members:

Alise Borger
Alice Borger,Student Assistant
Anne Nienke Eppinga
Anne Nienke Eppinga, Student Assistant
Manon van't Hul, Student Assistant
Manon van't Hul, Student Assistant
Lennart Kloppenburg
Lennart Kloppenburg, Research Assistant
Shadira leito
Shadira Leito, Student Assistant
Charlotte Vijvwinkel
Charlotte Vijfwinkel Student Assistant
Joyce van Dijk
Joyce van Dijk, Student Assistant
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