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About us Faculty of Law Education Groningen Centre for Legal Skills

What we do

The Groningen Centre for Legal Skills (GCJV) is a knowledge and expertise centre in the field of skills education. Our activities focus on developing and strengthening legal skills and creating a recognizable and coherent skills line in our bachelor and master programmes. We focus on both students and lecturers.

We do this by, among other things:

  • providing workshops for students;

  • creating and maintaining an online database, including knowledge clips;

  • organising teach-the-teacher meetings for academic staff;

Within these activities, we focus particularly on the development of three (core) skills:

1. Research skills

  • Defining a research problem and drafting a research question
  • Drafting a research design
  • Finding sources and collecting data
  • Learning how to apply different research methods
  • Analysing and interpreting different (legal) sources

2. Writing skills

  • Writing correctly and professionally
  • Structuring and formulating a (legal) text logically
  • Argumentation, critical reflection and providing conclusions

3. Presentation skills

  • Presenting
  • Speaking in front of a group
  • Speaking in front of a camera

If you are a student or a lecturer, and if you would like to know more about the GCJV, please visit our Brightspace community (currently available only in Dutch).

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