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About us Faculty of Law Education Groningen Centre for Legal Skills

Groningen Centre for Legal Skills

Every year, hundreds of bachelor and master students graduate from the Faculty of Law in Groningen. After graduating, about 94% of the alumni become employed in legal positions which require an academic education. They become, amongst other things, a lawyer, a public prosecutor, a notary, or a tax advisor.

Legal skills

In such positions, a good command of legal skills – such as research, writing and public speaking skills – is very important. For several years, the Faculty of Law has had a solid skills line in their Dutch bachelor and master programme with the subjects Legal Research Skills 1 and 2, Student Moot Court and the Master’s Thesis. This skills line is based on a logical structure, with increasing difficulty in study objectives and competencies.

Groningen Centre for Legal Skills

The Groningen Centre for Legal Skills (Groningen Centrum voor Juridische Vaardigheden - GCJV) was established on September 1, 2022, to continue developing and strengthening the skills education within the bachelor and master programmes. The GCJV is a knowledge and expertise centre in the field of legal skills education. The centre is led by a team of lecturers - researchers and student assistants. They develop supplementary educational materials, such as knowledge clips, and organise activities to support students and lecturers. All GCJV activities are aimed at developing and strengthening legal skills and creating a recognizable and coherent skills line.

If you are a student or a lecturer, and if you would like to know more about the GCJV, please visit our Brightspace community (currently available only in Dutch).

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