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The Student Portal (Brightspace) holds the digital learning environment of the University of Groningen. Via the Student Portal, section ‘Courses’, students and lecturers can exchange information and course materials irrespective of time and place.

Please click here for the webpage holding general information about the Student Portal.

How can I access the course information in the Student Portal?

When you enrol for a course in Progress, you will be automatically enrolled for access to the course information in the Student Portal.

Please be aware: it might take a day before the course shows up in the Student Portal.


When you have enrolled for a course in Progress and the course still does not appear on the Student Portal the next day, it is possible the lecturer has not opened the course up yet. In this case, please contact the lecturer.

If you are experiencing problems with regard to checking the course information on the Student Portal , you can contact the Faculty’s Nestor Support.

Last update: 21-7-2023

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