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Exam enrolment

Course enrolment is exam enrolment

You will be automatically enrolled for the exam and possible resit if you have enrolled correctly for the course; provided of course you meet the entry requirements of the course and you have a valid registration as a UG student.

Confirmation exam enrolment and table number

At the latest three weeks before the start of the examination period you will receive an email about the automatic enrolment for written examinations. You have to check the actual exam enrolments yourself in Progress. At the latest one week before the examination period you will receive an email with your table number. Therefore: check your University email regularly! Bring the proof of your exam enrolment to the examination (digital Progress printscreen or on paper). The lecturers will not allow you to enter the examination room without such proof of enrolment.

Should you decide not to participate in the (resit) examination: please de-enrol as soon as possible for the (resit) examination.

Forgot to register? Possibility to repair!

If you have forgotten to enrol for the course or did you not meet the requirements for the course yet when the exam enrolments were created, but this situation has now changed?

There is a repair possibility in week 5 of each block for enrolment for the (resit) examination in Progress. This enrolment also grants you access to the Student Portal and enrolment for a possible resit examination. After week 5, there is no repair possibility for a (resit) examination in that block any more. According to the Examination Regulation, you are obliged to enrol for a written examination. If you have not fulfilled the enrolment obligation, you cannot participate in the examination and/or the examination is invalid.

Check the academic calendar to see in which weeks the repair-possibility is available.

Resit examination

If you have failed or have not participated in the examination of a course, you will be automatically enrolled for het resit.

If you only want to participate in the resit, you must also enrol for the course, but then de-enrol for the first examination as soon as the exam enrolment comes through.

If you have any questions or problems regarding the exam enrolment,please contact tentamens-rechten

Last update: 21-7-2023

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