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Enrolment periods

1. Please check the enrolment periodshere.
2. Check whether you fulfil the entry requirements of the course in 
Ocasys. The course enrolment is open to all. If you do not fulfil the entry requirements, your course enrolment will not lead to an exam enrolment.
3. Check the 
schedule to see which working groups fit your schedule to avoid overlap in working groups.

Enrolling for a course and a working group

Enrol by taking the following steps:

1. Go to Progress.
2. Click ‘Enrolling’ at the top menu.
3. Choose ‘Faculty of Law’ and click ‘Enrolment Courses (Nestor and Exams)’.
4. Tick the boxes of courses that you will take and click ‘enrol’ (at the bottom of the list).
5. The courses marked in bold require an extra group enrolment (working group).
6. Click ‘Enrolment Groups (Working groups)’ (under the folder of “Faculty of Law”), choose the correct block and choose the correct category (LLB or Exchange).
7. Tick the boxes of the working groups you want to enrol for and click the button ‘enrol’.

There is a limitation of 30 ECTS each block with regard to course enrolment. Each block 30 ECTS will be added. This will add up to 60 ECTS for block 1 and 2 combined, 90 ECTS for blocks 1, 2, and 3 and 120 ECTS for block 1-4. The course enrolments of last block will be part of the calculation of ECTS in the next block. If you want to enrol for more than the maximum number of ECTS available, you need to contact a study adviser to discuss your planning. You can also de-enrol for courses, which might provide for more room. The reason for this maximisation is to prevent unnecessary no show for exams and as such more efficient use of locations.

Seminar registration

The International Office registers all LLM students for their compulsory seminars. No course registration is therefore necessary for these courses, as the seminar registration done by the International Office will provide students with access to the course information at the Student Portal.

Rules with regard to working group registration

Year 1
All LLB students will be registered for a working group for the full first year. No working group enrolment is therefore necessary in the first year.

Repeating year 1 courses
Students repeating a year 1 course can only participate in the repeaters spots that are reserved in each (regular) working group. There is only limited capacity for repeaters, especially for courses offered in block 1 and 2, so please make sure to enrol right at the start of the enrolment period. The enrolment for the working groups of these courses is available under the LLB/Exchange courses in Progress.

Year 2 and 3
All LLB (and exchange) students need to register for working groups for the second and third year courses themselves.

Please be aware:the registration for the Research Colloquium will be in August of the 2ndyear!

Group full?

You can still enrol for a different working group that still has places available. Only in cases where insurmountable scheduling problems occur (for instance if the times of the remaining working groups are interfering with other compulsory courses) you can contact the administration. The administration is available in the enrolment periods on working days from 10.30-11.30 am at +31503635721. Check in advance which working groups would be an option according to your course schedule.

If all working groups are full during the enrolment period, the administration will discuss the option of opening up extra working groups with the lecturer.

Missing deadline enrolment groups

If you have not enrolled for a working group during the enrolment period, you should:

  • 1st year LLB students should contact the International Office (LLB;
  • all other students should contact the departments in charge of the particular course as soon as possible. 


Questions or problems with regard to enrolment? You can reach the Education Coordination office by email (octa-rechten Please always mention your student number, telephone number and courses you have questions about.

Questions or problems with regard to exam enrolment and table numbers? Please contact the Exam Administration (

Last update: 21-7-2023

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