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Introduction to Common Law (5 ECTS)

- Dr P.A.J. van den Berg, Prof. Dr F. Brandsma

- Block 2

After successful completion of this course, you will be accustomed to the basic principles, the legal terminology and the culture of the common law, with special reference to the law of the UK.
You will be able to apply the basic principles to simple cases.

The classes will be lectures, although there will be room for questions and discussion as necessary.

The course will touch upon the following subjects (at least)

  1. the origins of the common law
  2. the role of the judge in the common law
  3. the role of lawyers in the common law
  4. the idea of precedent and judge-made law
  5. criminal law in the UK, including the use of the jury and cross-examination
  6. contract law in the UK
  7. the law of torts in the UK
  8. ownership of property in the UK
  9. family law in the UK
  10. the UK ‘constitution’

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