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International Relations

Minor International Relations: Theories and Methodologies in International Relations

What does the minor entail?

The minor International Relations consists of a number of courses that provide a thematic, theoretical and methodological overview of international relations, supplemented by a skills module.

Registration for the minor is compulsory. More information about the registration procedure will be published in the course of the first semester 2015-16.

In the online course catalogue (Ocasys) you will find more information about the programme.

Students who have successfully completed the Minor will have admission to a core module of the IRIO Bachelor programme. Successful completion of the Minor (30 ECTS), as well as the core module (10 ECTS) will grant you access to the

Master in International Relations (60 ECTS).


This minor can be followed by students of the following degree programmes:

  • American Studies
  • Communication- and Information Sciences
  • English Language and Culture
  • European Languages and Cultures
  • Information Sciences
  • Languistics
  • Media Studies
  • Middle-Eastern Studies


Total number of credits: 30 ECTS

More information


Dr Christoph Humrich

More information about the courses in Ocasys.

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