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Europe: Idea and Construction


Would you like to dive into European history and are you particularly interested in studying the image of Europe nowadays and in the past? Then choose the minor Europe: Idea and Construction.

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The European Union is becoming the most important political and economic entity in the lives of ordinary European citizens. Europe and the EU, however, do not amount to the same thing, because the European Union is a historical conjunction of events and choices. The minor Europe: idea and construction therefore does not only focus on the history of Europe, but also on the meaning ascribed in the past to the term ‘Europe’ Topics covered include foundations of European cultural heritage and the European self-image in relation to the rest of the world.

What does the minor look like?

The minor is comprised of an introductory course unit with lectures and tutorials during the propaedeutic phase, two tutorial course units in the second year and a concluding seminar with a paper in the third year. The minor is taught in English and is open to exchange students.

Admission requirements

As a minor, the programme is accessible to students of:

  • Communicatie- en Informatiewetenschappen
  • Informatiekunde
  • English Language and Culture
  • European Languages and Cultures
  • Geschiedenis
  • Taalwetenschap
  • Midden-Oostenstudies
  • Minorities and Multilingualism

Individual courses may also serve as electives.


The minor programme is comprised of 30 ECTS in total.


Additional admission requirements:

For the tutorial courses in the second year: 45 ECTS of the propaedeutic programme

For the third year seminar: the introductory course EIC 1 must have been completed, as well as one of the two second year tutorial courses (EIC 2A and 2B). You must also have completed the propaedeutic phase.

More information

Contact: dr. C.M.Megens

Meer informatie over de vakken van deze minor is te vinden in Ocasys.

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