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Upgrade Zernikelaan is taking shape

18 June 2020

Work on the upgrade at Zernikelaan is in full swing. At the moment work is being done in several places at the same time. Because the Campus is now a lot quieter, work that was planned for next year has been brought forward. ​Most of the upgrade will be completed by the end of this year. Below we describe for each area which activities are ready and what will happen next. Most of the upgrade will be completed by the end of this year.

Below we describe for each area which activities are ready and what will happen next.

1. Entrance

The entrance to the campus, on the side of the ring road, was completed last year. Here the roadway has been renewed, new bicycle and pedestrian paths have been installed and the route to Crematoriumlaan has been moved. The exits of the ring road have been widened and traffic lights have been created. This has improved road safety.

2. Zernikeplein

Many cables and pipes are currently being moved on Zernikeplein. The square is largely open. Diversion routes for cyclists and pedestrians have been created. From mid-June work will be done on renewing the bus lane and the bicycle footpath. For good access to the various buildings, new paving will be placed around the bus lane. Initially, the street on the west side of the bus lane is being tiled. This will be completed at the end of August. The square on the east side of the bus lane is still open by then.

An innovation project is running for Zernikeplein, with which we want to give substance to climate adaptation. The feasible innovations are being realized on the east side.

A grandstand will be built at the Willem-Alexander Sports Center in the summer of 2021. A design is currently being made for this in collaboration with Hanze University Groningen. A panna court will be built in front of the stands. Part of the pond has already been filled with material that was released when the bus lane was broken up.

3. Zernikelaan North

New ponds have been dug on the north side of Zernikelaan, near EnTranCe, a new cycle path and footpath have been constructed and a walkway runs between the trees. Trees will be planted here in autumn, creating a park-like environment. The lane of the Zernikelaan will be renewed here. Until July 19, work will be done here on the road between the Prof. Uilkensweg and the Pondematen.

4. Park Duisenberg pond

The park next to the Duisenberg pond is also getting a major upgrade. The park layout including landscaping here will start in October. This part will be completed simultaneously with the Duisenberg pond.

5. Duisenberg pond

The Duisenberg pond is undergoing a huge metamorphosis. The quay will be replaced by ramps so that you can sit closer to the water and there will be a boardwalk. At this moment, the piles for the new foundation have been placed and work is being carried out on the steel construction up to the construction section. The woodwork is applied after the construction section. The renovated pond will be ready in December.

6. Bus junction

The junction for the buses is being renovated. This is planned for the summer of 2021. The last part of the roadway will also be tackled.

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