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PhD Support and project management

Working on a PhD project is both challenging and exciting, because you are offered the opportunity to immerse yourself completely into the subject of your interest. At the same time however, you are expected to reach certain goals, such as planning and performing a series of studies and getting them published.

The faculty helps structuring this process by means of the promovendus training and supervision plan form, which specifies the purpose of your assignment, your tasks, research topic, courses to be followed, and courses to be taught. It also formally specifies your supervisor(s) and assessors, who after the first year will check whether you have made the desired progress.

As a Graduate School, we want to further support you in this process as much as possible. Therefore, each department has its own PhD student mentor, who supports you when necessary throughout your research project. Depending on the type of project, you may also be advised to follow the course Getting your PhD done that is offered by the university career center (Mobiliteit en opleiding). In case you are affiliated with a national research school, additional courses on project management may be offered there as well (a list of schools can be found here).

Finally, your colleagues who represent you in the PhD council offer first-hand advice on how to circumvent possible obstacles on your path to a PhD.


Pedagogy and Educational Sciences

dr. A.C. (Anneke) Timmermans; PhD coördinator; Grote Rozenstraat 3; 9712 TG Groningen; Room: 218; Phone: 050 363 5740; E-mail:

Special education

mr. dr. M.E. (Margriet) Kalverboer; PhD mentor; Grote Rozenstraat 38; 9712 TJ Groningen; The Netherlands; Room: 2111.0211; Phone: +31 50 363 6571; E-mail:


dr. M.H. (Rie) Bosman; PhD mentor; Grote Rozenstraat 31; 9712 TG Groningen; Room: 12; Phone: +31 50 363 6209 (Secretariaat Sociologie, Saskia Simon); E-mail:


dr. J.A.M. (Jose) Heesink; Grote Kruisstraat 2/1; 9712 TS Groningen; Room: H 486; Phone: 050 363 6424; E-mail:

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