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Dr. Rami Benbenishty

Dr. Rami Benbenishty
Dr. Rami Benbenishty

Ph. D. Social Work and Psychology, University of Michigan, 1981
M.A   Social Work, School of Social Work, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1977
B.A.   Social Work, School of Social Work, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1975

Rami Benbenishty is a professor at Gaby & Luis Weisfeld School of Social Work at Bar Ilan University following many years as a faculty at the School of Social Work and Social Welfare at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

He is interested in a range of issues in child welfare. Along with colleagues, he is studying children and youth at risk and in out of home placements. He investigates and tries to improve the decision processes that lead to referral to protective services, removal of children from their biological families and their reunification thereafter. He is studying the decision making processes of child protection teams in hospitals when reporting children to community protective services. In addition, his research addresses the situation of children in residential and foster care and the unique situation of youth that age out of care. In recent years he has conducted with his colleague, Anat Zeira a series of studies on youth leave care.

Benbenishty is developing a conceptual, methodological and technological framework for monitoring processes and outcomes in human services. This framework was implemented in foster care services in the US and is being utilized to monitor school violence in schools, districts and the national level in Israel.

Benbenishty is an advocate for children’s rights. He has served on numerous public committee that addressed children’s needs and rights. He consults regularly with government agencies and appears on national media to speak for Jewish and Arab children in Israel.

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