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Diana van Bergen receives ZonMW subsidy for research into religious diversity and foster care.

17 September 2019

In case of out-of-home placement, the continuity of a child’s religious background must be taken into account. However, in spite of efforts by foster care agencies to find matches, a growing group of foster children live with religiously non-matched foster families. This is the central problem in Diana van Bergen's project proposal: " Toward a healthy psychosocial adjustment of foster children: Practical guidance with ethical dilemmas due to religious differences". Van Bergen, associate professor at the Pedagogy department, received a ZonMw grant for the project.

Diana van Bergen

Ethics and Health
The grant is part of the program line Ethics and Health 3. The objective of the program is to increase insight into and knowledge about concrete, current, ethical dilemmas or questions in the field of ethics and health. The knowledge and insights gained contribute to the support in improving health care practice and health policy. With the grant, a postdoc position of 2.5 years at the Pedagogy department can be realized.

More information can be found at the ZonMW projectpage.

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