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General information about the Association

Dear Alumni,

The Alumni Association from Pedagogical Sciences (AAPW) was founded in 2010 to create a social network for alumni, the Department and present-day students. It was initiated by ex-students from the Master Programme of Pedagogical Sciences who had as specialization the young child, youth or lifelong learning. Through both this website and our Facebook- and LinkedIn page we would like to keep you informed about our activities, and news from the Department.

We decided to set up a network rather than an association, because a social network is more accessible. To become a member of the network, you do not have to pay a membership fee or fulfill any obligations.

Last summer we invited everyone for drinks at Café De Minnaar and both on Facebook and LinkedIn we have created a virtual space that alumni may use. We want to organize a variety of activities every year for our AAPW alumni. You may check the “Calendar” to find out what they will be in 2013. We will also publish a newsletter several times a year. You can find these under “Newsletter.”

As we are still in development, we would like to ask you to think along with us. You may contribute any ideas that you may have about expanding the group or designing the network. If you are still in touch with some alumni, then please mention us to them! If you have ideas, expectations or suggestions, then please share them with us via or through Facebook or LinkedIn !

Finally we would like to ask you to complete a brief survey (max. 2 min.). We would like to create an overview of the locations where our alumni from the master programme of APW work and what types of jobs they have. You can find the list of questions through the following link:

We would like to thank you in advance for your time and effort!

Kind regards,

On behalf of the AAPW Board 2012/2013

(see “Contact details”)

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