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Strategy Faculty BSS

The Faculty’s primary objectives are to offer outstanding teaching and to conduct innovative research in the field of behavioural and social problems, as well as to share and discuss knowledge in both national and international arenas with academics, professionals and the public at large.

Academic teaching and research are closely intertwined. The University is to a significant degree funded according to the number of students enrolled in degree programmes. This creates an obligation with respect to the quality and organization of these programmes. The content of that teaching derives for the most part from theory and from the results of academic research. We have a social responsibility to impart this knowledge and to raise it for discussion.

In keeping with these broad objectives, the Faculty departments set specific objectives for their research and degree programmes. The guiding principle of Faculty policy is that specific content objectives should always be formulated by that part of the Faculty that will put them into practice. The Faculty Board presents in the strategic plan 2021-2026 below the criteria and principles for formulating and achieving these content objectives. The primary focus of the strategic plan is the general facilitating role of the Faculty Board.

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