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In traffic we see more than we think16 September 2021
Teachers can also be bullies: LGBT youth at school16 September 2021
More sustainable behaviour? Doom scenarios with no prospects for taking action only serve to discourage people.12 August 2021
Sustainable behavior makes people happy19 July 2021
VIDI for Gert Stulp: How can we get better at predicting how many children will be born?14 July 2021
Moving up in the world through good education06 July 2021
Relationships must be repaired if progress is to be made on the gas extraction issue06 July 2021
Guideline for psycho-education on ADHD06 July 2021
NWA grant Sustainable Development Goals05 July 2021
Gas extraction in Groningen: not just houses, but people and relationships are also badly damaged30 June 2021
Academic Collaborative Centre for PIMD: Helping others to get the most out of life22 June 2021
Professor of Theory and History of Psychology Annette Mülberger: We should look back!21 June 2021
How do you involve citizens in the energy transition?15 June 2021
Linda Steg appointed as member European Academy Of Sciences And Arts08 June 2021
Recovery of long-term psychotic patients often better than thought07 June 2021
Faculty BSS recruits 20 Assistant Professors/Teachers!25 May 2021
In memoriam eredoctor Robert (Bob) E. Slavin (1950-2021)29 April 2021
Margrite Kalverboer appointed Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau26 April 2021
Face masks reduce emotion-recognition accuracy and perceived closeness26 April 2021
Why is crisis communication so difficult?13 April 2021
Studenten RUG en NHL Stenden helpen middelbare scholen bij voorbereiding op examens13 April 2021
Mindwise and GION receive KNAW grant 'Gewaardeerd!'13 April 2021
Teacher training programme offers learning community on educational leadership for school leaders from region06 April 2021
Don van Ravenzwaaij appointed adjunct professor Bayesian Statistics30 March 2021
An emotionally demanding job. How does that affect you?30 March 2021
Bi+ in the Netherlands: Hidden and stereotyped29 March 2021
Tribute to Linda Steg29 March 2021
The Young Academy Groningen welcomes seven new members25 March 2021
Video lecture Tina Kretschmer on DNA and social situations (as part of the Universiteit van Nederland)08 March 2021
Jochem Tolsma appointed as professor by special appointment of Social Divisions between Groups01 March 2021
The Commandos: Who has got what it takes?23 February 2021
Link between bullying and drug, alcohol, tobacco use in later life17 February 2021
Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen: van inzicht naar impact11 February 2021
Opening of the Expertise Centre for Families with Multiple Complex Needs01 February 2021
Rafaële Huntjens appointed adjunct professor of experimental clinical psychology25 January 2021
The history of education as a mirror for current issues14 December 2020
Anna Lichtwarck-Aschoff appointed Professor of Special Needs Education09 December 2020
‘School class party guide’ is used to fight the exclusion of children08 December 2020
Integration of newcomers is almost at a standstill01 December 2020
Michel Dückers appointed professor by special appointment 'Crises, safety and health'01 December 2020
Sebastiaan Mathôt receives VIDI grant for research into complex collaboration between brain and senses11 November 2020
Dr. Joost Heutink appointed Professor by Special Appointment11 November 2020
First two Aletta Jacobs chairs at UG09 November 2020
Five UG researchers awarded Vidi grants04 November 2020
First responses to the coronavirus pandemic are lessons for the second wave and the climate crisis13 October 2020
More sociable after a glass of beer? Is that even really true?21 September 2020
Meer studenten voor Wijk Inzet door Jongeren en Studenten10 September 2020
Het gemiddelde kind bestaat niet - Onderzoeksproject Ieder Kind is Anders van de RUG van start04 September 2020
Social needs barely differ per age group25 August 2020
Emotions in the American primary elections06 July 2020
Ymkje Anna de Vries wins Gratama Award01 July 2020
Health disparities reduced for Groningen residents with multiple cases of earthquake damage30 June 2020
Rouwen terwijl je slaapt?23 June 2020
De StayFine-lijn: coronahulplijn voor jongeren na angst en depressie10 June 2020
Teaching History in times of corona09 June 2020
Sports and financial self-management to improve social participation of young people with a psychotic disorder09 June 2020
How to make children fall in love with sport08 June 2020
Onderzoek naar effect loopbaanoriëntatie en loopbaanbegeleiding voor vmbo-jongeren met migratieachtergrond03 June 2020
Rinske Vermeij wins Jan Brouwer Scriptieprijs03 June 2020
Chantal D'Amore wins Jan Brouwer Scriptieprijs03 June 2020
Onderzoeksconsortium Evaluatie Passend Onderwijs: verbeterde organisatie van extra ondersteuning, maar ook verwachtingen die niet zijn uitgekomen02 June 2020
Two Teaching fellow grants for the UG13 May 2020
People with mental disorders at higher risk of developing physical illnesses30 April 2020
Large study on happiness among Dutch children and young people29 April 2020
How to engage people in climate policies?28 April 2020
Karel Brookhuis appointed Knight in the Order of the Dutch Lion24 April 2020
Werkt beeldbellen tijdens de coronacrisis bij behandeling van psychische aandoeningen zoals depressies?14 April 2020
The psychological impact of the coronavirus crisis07 April 2020
National portal with COVID-19 expertise Social Sciences and Humanities in the Netherlands30 March 2020
‘The elderly should be made to take compulsory lessons before buying an e-bike’24 March 2020
Tienjarige Academische Opleiding Leraar Basisonderwijs geeft krachtige impuls aan basisonderwijs Noord-Nederland11 March 2020
Grant for stimulating agricultural education in Mozambique09 March 2020
Photo report: Hacking brains in Psychology04 March 2020
‘We are stuck in a “disorder mindset”’25 February 2020
Video lecture by Hedderik van Rijn as part of the Universiteit van Nederland03 February 2020
Marije aan het Rot receives grant for research on effect of alcohol on empathic behaviour.23 January 2020
Little dissatisfaction with asylum seekers’ centres, a lot of dissatisfaction with the government17 January 2020
Studying public acceptability of energy transition17 January 2020
Suïcide onder jongeren: complexe oorzaken, complexe oplossingen17 January 2020
Mirjam Buigel-de Witte appointed as Managing Director of the Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences15 January 2020
Mandy van der Gaag wins the BSS Science for Society Impact Award 2019 for her research into reducing early school drop-out.07 January 2020
Casper Albers and Nadine Akkerman win De Nationale Wetenschapsquiz 201906 January 2020
Reinforcement insufficiently satisfies expectations of residents with serious earthquake damage16 December 2019
Emeritus Professor Douwe Draaisma: ‘I’m a sucker for a good story’12 November 2019
Two winners Pieter Boekeprijs12 November 2019
Can we use silence to change public opinion?11 November 2019
Early Career Award KNAW voor Namkje Koudenburg05 November 2019
Symposium Caring for LGBTQIA+ Youth: Developing Inclusive and Affirmative Care31 October 2019
Preventing the rapid decrease in healthcare staff29 October 2019
Vote now for BSS researchers for Klokhuis prize15 October 2019
Good and bad news about the flexible workstation08 October 2019
Zaterdag 5 oktober: Weekend van de Wetenschap - Faculteit GMW open03 October 2019
APA Early Career Award for Jeremy Burman01 October 2019
Prof. Marleen Janssen awarded Royal Decoration27 September 2019
From bully to handyman23 September 2019
Innovative research institute furthers global knowledge of deafblindness23 September 2019
Support package for breastfeeding effective17 September 2019
Diana van Bergen receives ZonMW subsidy for research into religious diversity and foster care.17 September 2019
Motivating Society-wide Pro-environmental Change16 September 2019
Temptation and restraint. The role of reward and punishment sensitivity in anorexia nervosa, obesity, and unsuccessful dieting06 September 2019
Stimulating creativity. Matching person and context06 September 2019
Using smart technology to tackle sports injuries and mental dips04 September 2019
BSS GUF-100 prize for Fabian Hobbie19 August 2019
NRO grant for post-doc Maaike Engels17 July 2019
Thirteen Veni grants for young Groningen researchers16 July 2019
Jasperina Brouwer awarded VENI16 July 2019
VENI for Laura Bringmann16 July 2019
Impact of earthquake in Westerwijtwerd felt in wider area10 July 2019
Zeven RUG-projecten krijgen financiering via de NWA Ideeëngenerator08 July 2019
Idea Generator Grant voor studie naar impact van etnische en genderstereotypen bij besluitvorming in de jeugdbescherming08 July 2019
Onderzoek naar aanpak negatief lichaamsbeeld door ‘onbewust conditioneren’ ontvangt Idea Generator Grant08 July 2019
Generous subsidy for Groningen-based Transport and Mobility innovation network pilot05 July 2019
Samenhang en samenwerking in het gaswinningsgebied04 July 2019
Problems in communication, language and speech discussed in two-week exchange programme03 July 2019
Onderwijscongres: Dag van de Vakdidactiek02 July 2019
De Durfpoli nu ook voor kinderen met medische fobieën28 June 2019
Academy Medal for Trudy Dehue15 May 2019
Zet jongere centraal bij het voorkomen voortijdig schoolverlaten15 May 2019
A four-legged therapist14 May 2019
Doing nothing against climate change also has consequences30 April 2019
Test- en Diagnostiekprijs 2019 Nederlandse Vereniging voor Neuropsychologie voor Lieke Voncken29 April 2019
Prof. Linda Steg appointed Knight of the Order of the Netherlands Lion26 April 2019
Sociologie Scriptieprijs 2018 voor Naomi Hartkamp voor masterthese over de belevingswereld van mensen in de sociale werkvoorziening17 April 2019
Annita Kobes, Floor Middel en Pieter van Rees met Fulbright beurs naar VS17 April 2019
SterkWerk: Be like the cool kids, hoe negatief gedrag samenhangt met populariteit en wat we eraan kunnen doen10 April 2019
Studenten Pedagogische en Onderwijswetenschappen werken mee aan historische expositie over opvoedkundig karakter leesboekjes Ot en Sien09 April 2019
Meer aandacht voor bewegen in de ondersteuning van personen met een (zeer) ernstige verstandelijke en meervoudige beperking06 April 2019
Symposium 'Gezinnen met meervoudige en complexe problemen: Kunnen we helpen?'03 April 2019
Children speak out on serious earthquake problems: unsafety and mistrust28 March 2019
Kentalis en Rijksuniversiteit Groningen verlengen samenwerking onderzoek doofblindheid25 March 2019
Preventing recurrent depression19 March 2019
Dirty smell reduces sexual arousal13 March 2019
Groningers vertalen unieke IDS-2 intelligentietest naar Nederlands situatie13 March 2019
Getting interrupted at work harms employee’s well-being13 March 2019
Durfpoli confronts children with their fears07 March 2019
Marleen Janssen gives the deafblind a voice26 February 2019
Two positions for professors unique to the Netherlands: Full Professor Theory and History of Education + Full Professor of Theory and History of Psychology26 February 2019
Aandacht voor jongeren in een kwetsbare positie toegenomen22 February 2019
“Uit de boekenkast” - De invloed van jeugdliteratuur op de houding van jongeren ten aanzien van seksuele en genderdiversiteit20 February 2019
Conducting research also benefits healthcare practice18 February 2019
Stynke Castelein wint de Vrouw in de Media Award Groningen 201815 February 2019
René Veenstra member Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities (KHMW)13 February 2019
Hoogleraar Stynke Castelein wint de Vrouw in de Media Award Groningen07 February 2019
Academische Werkplaats EMB nieuwe fase in met uitbreiding netwerk en structurele financiering06 February 2019
Stichting Kinderpostzegels en Nationaal Schoolontbijt steunen klassenfeestproject: de kracht van de eenvoud29 January 2019
Save the date: Symposium Diversity in Education25 January 2019
Looking for 'early warning signals'07 January 2019
Han Nakken prijs 2018 voor Sara Nijs met artikel over bevorderen interacties tussen kinderen met ernstige meervoudige beperking14 December 2018
De overgang van basis- naar voortgezet onderwijs en de invloed van peers op sociale integratie13 December 2018
‘Faulty escalator leads to divided city’11 December 2018
Scientist warn: children harmed by deporting after a long stay in the Netherlands06 December 2018
14 December uitreiking Han Nakken prijs 2018 & lezing Kees Erends (uitnodiging)22 November 2018
Faculties of Social Sciences join forces in ethical review19 November 2018
Dutch Higher Education Guide 2019: UG-programmes strong at the top15 November 2018
Groningen residents still feel powerless regarding earthquake measures08 November 2018
UG still popular with Dutch and international students06 November 2018
Faculteit GMW ontvangt historisch portret Hendrik Nieuwenhuis31 October 2018
Cycle until you (don’t) fall down30 October 2018
Promotieonderzoek Mariola Gremmen: de invloed van leeftijdsgenoten en het sociale netwerk van leerlingen op hun academisch functioneren30 October 2018
Knowledge as a foundation23 October 2018
Er gaat al 80 jaar niets boven de Groningse sociologen09 October 2018
Keeping global warming below 1.5 degrees: ‘It is still possible, but we need to act quickly and drastically’08 October 2018
Two NWO ORA projects faculty GMW04 October 2018
Young Academy Groningen welcomes eight new members02 October 2018
Zpannend Zernike: Backstage in the wondrous world of science and technology27 September 2018
Teachers need our help to tackle bullying17 September 2018
Acceptance gas extractions continues to diminish07 September 2018
NRO grants Marijn van Dijk and Gijs Huitsing for research into language acquisition and well-being among young refugee pupils and an effective anti-bullying program for secondary education05 September 2018
In memoriam: Gerrit Lang (1934 – 2018)28 August 2018
Five VENI grants Faculty BSS16 July 2018
New approach reduces mental health gap in low and middle income countries11 July 2018
Monika Smit professor by special appointment of Psychosocial Care for Unaccompanied Minor Refugees03 July 2018
Everything big data claims to know about you could be wrong27 June 2018
Carla van Os: consider interests of refugee children in asylum procedure13 June 2018
Langer wachten met diagnose depressie12 June 2018
Stynke Castelein in bestuur akwa, alliantie kwaliteit in de ggz12 June 2018
Prof. Erik Knorth Officer of the Order of Orange-Nassau08 June 2018
International best student paper award Jorien Vugteveen08 June 2018
Our sensitive pupils06 June 2018
Sense of trust and safety in quake region at all-time low06 June 2018
11 PhD and 2 postdoc positions ‘Sustainable Cooperation’ (SCOOP)04 June 2018
Nine UG researchers win Vidi grants01 June 2018
Don van Ravenzwaaij ontvangt prestigieuze Vidi-beurs voor onderzoek naar hogere betrouwbaarheid van biomedisch onderzoek01 June 2018
Vijftig jaar Orthopedagogiek Groningen: Feestelijk Symposium in MartiniPlaza op 8 juni en themanummer tijdschrift ‘Orthopedagogiek: Onderzoek en Praktijk’31 May 2018
Onderzoek naar het vergroten van het welbevinden van gezinnen met een kind met ernstige meervoudige beperkingen mogelijk door ZonMw subsidie31 May 2018
GION promovendi Annegien Langeloo en Mariëtte Hingstman met Fulbright beurs drie maanden naar US30 May 2018
Deel antipestprogramma’s effectief24 May 2018
Joke Spikman ontvangt Betto Deelmanprijs 2018 voor haar werk in vakgebied van de neuropsychologie23 May 2018
Green Office: making the University more sustainable22 May 2018
Risk of prolonged grief disorder when significant other goes missing probably five times greater than after a natural death17 May 2018
Kindermishandeling en seksueel misbruik onder LHBT volwassenen17 May 2018
Foster children want to understand their past16 May 2018
Maarten Derksen awarded Cheiron Book Prize 201811 May 2018
Socioloog Gert Stulp genomineerd voor New Scientist Wetenschapstalent 201824 April 2018
Orthopedagogiek viert 8 juni haar 50-jarig bestaan!06 April 2018
Subsidie voor onderzoek naar ontwikkeling van interculturele competentie van aankomende leerkrachten via Visual Thinking Strategies-methode26 March 2018
Sociology labeled as Top Degree Programme25 March 2018
Successful dieting affected by mood and attraction to food21 March 2018
Dr. Laura Bringmann and dr. Tina Kretschmer new members Young Academy Groningen (YAG)15 March 2018
Tamara Oosterwijk awarded GAP thesis prize 201715 March 2018


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