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Kirsten van den Bosch: 'Connecting students with the work field really is achievable in every programme'09 April 2024
Research: much stress among Groningers due to gas extraction issues, including among the elderly03 April 2024
New Professor at the Teacher Training Program02 April 2024
New Study Sheds Light on Public Acceptability of Connected Automated Vehicles26 March 2024
Sociology alumnus Jimmy Dijk: "I prefer Groningen over the Hague's cheese dome"19 March 2024
Researchers: Use Personal Questionnaires to Monitor Progress in Psychotherapy19 March 2024
We are and we remain internationally minded07 March 2024
Car sharing: what convinces you?06 March 2024
'Ordinary Joes can also be creative'05 March 2024
Improvements needed in career guidance for pre-vocational students with a migration background07 February 2024
Laura Batstra is fighting against disorder-thinking on social media31 January 2024
Impact of a Father's Imprisonment on the Family26 January 2024
The UG nominates two academics for the Klokhuis Science Prize22 January 2024
Liekuut | Study choice must be a priority in preventing school dropout08 January 2024
Voorspellingen voor twee meerderheidscoalities08 January 2024
Kyriaki Fousiani investigates strategies to deal with leader-follower conflict at work18 December 2023
How can we reduce loneliness among informal caregivers?12 December 2023
‘Criminal families’: Is it possible to escape?12 December 2023
Join the 'Language and AI' community11 December 2023
How do we address the shortage of healthcare professionals for individuals with profound disabilities?07 December 2023
Problematic pornography use decreases when life becomes more meaningful28 November 2023
Still insufficient support for the effectiveness of mild brain stimulation14 November 2023
Liekuut | ‘Free beer’ won't solve any crises06 November 2023
UG researchers develop board game Floreraar?! to strengthen resilience of teachers in training06 November 2023
Horrifying images also present in people who have not experienced war31 October 2023
Join the photo exhibition of the BSS garden + guided tour25 October 2023
Saskia Damen: "Even with deafblindness you can develop yourself"25 October 2023
Ralf Cox investigates how people experience art12 October 2023
Liekuut | Politics and media feed concerns about social divisions09 October 2023
Preventing a relapse after a sexual offense with circles of support02 October 2023
What your pet wants is not always what you believe it wants26 September 2023
Gas extraction in Groningen: recovering from a fiasco19 September 2023
Explaining Social Divisions in the Netherlands15 September 2023
Learning from every suicide05 September 2023
Scientists and Youth Collaborate to Improve the Application Process for Psychosocial Service Dogs18 August 2023
Trickle-down effects of the women’s quota – are there any?11 July 2023
Two new research projects: resilience among youth and misconceptions about social reality06 July 2023
Philosophy in pre-vocational education (VMBO)04 July 2023
Inaugural Lecture by Veroni Eichelsheim30 June 2023
Researchers advise: 'Don't stop helping young people as soon as they turn 18'06 June 2023
Inaugural lecture Johannes Westberg: Theory and History of Education22 May 2023
More loneliness among elderly with a migration background10 May 2023
Do you have a manager from hell?09 May 2023
Not just a shortage of chemicals 'Depression is an important signal that something is going wrong in your life'08 May 2023
Nardi Steverink helps older people get more grip on life18 April 2023
Liekuut | Regaining trust in the province of Groningen? It’s time for reliable policies03 April 2023
Safe, independent cycling for the visually impaired20 March 2023
Positief advies voor structurele impulsonderzoek en onderwijs in het SSH-domein13 March 2023
Equality – Also between the sheets07 March 2023
Online ratings promising weapon in fight against fake news06 February 2023
Major European grant for Ana Guerberof Arenas and Tina Kretschmer31 January 2023
Impact gaswinningsproblematiek op Groningers onverminderd groot31 January 2023
Jana Knot-Dickscheit and Elianne Zijlstra promoted30 January 2023
Little trust in agencies responsible for settling Groningen gas extraction issues25 January 2023
Do people with serious mental disorders benefit from cognitive training?23 January 2023
'The adrenaline made me stronger' Police officers often see own actions through neurobiological glasses20 January 2023
Loneliness and depression16 January 2023
Nina Hansen appointed professor04 January 2023
Inaugural lecture Marijtje van Duijn: Statistics in the social sciences20 December 2022
Goda Perlaviciute appointed associate professor19 December 2022
Should I Stay Or Should I Go? - Funny titles in academic publications are counter-productive16 December 2022
Why brain doping is mainly hot air13 December 2022
Public Academy of Social Sciences will continue in 202312 December 2022
Even within the same job, women are still paid less than men29 November 2022
Michel Dückers: Crucial to pay more attention to the problems of those affected in crisis situations18 November 2022
Polarization: from resistance to connection14 November 2022
Alumnus Etrit Asllani exposes fake news on TikTok01 November 2022
Onderzoekers pleiten voor meer aandacht voor religie binnen pleeggezinnen31 October 2022
Hoe eerste-generatiestudent Dennis Wiersma minister werd12 October 2022
Minder overbelasting mantelzorgers en minder thuiszorg nodig door familiegesprek11 October 2022
Saskia Damen bijzonder hoogleraar Communicatief Meervoudige Beperking (CMB) en Doofblind (DB)03 October 2022
Margrite Kalverboer en Micha de Winter lid van verdienste van beroepsvereniging NVO23 September 2022
Hilda Amsing appointed as vice-dean14 September 2022
‘That’s so gay’, two thirds of LHBTQ+ youth experience micro-aggression on a weekly basis13 September 2022
Long-term effects of mental health treatments in children unclear30 August 2022
Videocollege Hedderik van Rijn: waarom zijn mensen in de zomer agressiever?03 August 2022
Nederland kampioen uithuisplaatsen? Veilig opgroeien in een gezin met ernstige problemen - 13 sep 202221 July 2022
Multiple vacancies for postdoctoral researchers15 July 2022
Beyond boardrooms: The impact of corporate quota on gender equality in organizations08 July 2022
Using data to predict resilience in elite sports06 July 2022
Successfully sharing knowledge through the public academies04 July 2022
International expert on deafblindness presents new perspectives at farewell symposium16 June 2022
Teacher Jolien Mouw uses VR to train future teachers in kindergarten classrooms07 June 2022
Sociologen vieren honderdjarig jubileum tijdens Dag en Nacht van de Sociologie03 June 2022
Studiedag ‘Seksuele oriëntatie en genderidentiteit’03 June 2022
A happy life with a mental illness30 May 2022
Do drama lessons help to combat bullying in schools?25 May 2022
Video lecture Katrien Helmerhorst (in Dutch): what is the most optimal development for your child?24 May 2022
Duurzaam gedrag: Heeft het wel zin als ik duurzaam bezig ben (en anderen in mijn omgeving niet)?19 May 2022
Matthijs Warrens appointed associate professor17 May 2022
Veroni Eichelsheim appointed professor of Intergenerational continuity of deviant behaviour16 May 2022
Jouke de Vries and Arie Dijkstra to give speeches at the Bevrijdingsfestival02 May 2022
Protest movements with limited violence can sometimes be effective28 April 2022
Publieksacademie Sociale Wetenschappen: Raakt Nederland steeds meer verdeeld?21 April 2022
VENI grant for two BSS researchers13 April 2022
The vulnerability of LGBT people12 April 2022
Activity book for refugee children from Ukraine08 April 2022
Discover your biological clock at the University Museum07 April 2022
‘Bullied children see social relationships through dark-colored glasses’05 April 2022
Best practices in Teaching and Learning at BSS05 April 2022
Linda Steg: "Steeds meer mensen en bedrijven zetten zich in voor het klimaat".05 April 2022
Expositie Heymansgebouw: Stigma & Psychiatrie22 March 2022
Centers of expertise at BSS22 March 2022
'How can we better help families with long-term and complex problems?'22 March 2022
Thanks to TREAT, patients in psychosis care receive more appropriate help17 March 2022
Help children with busy behaviour through parent11 March 2022
Interview with GMW alumna Alice Vlottes: From ‘unemployable’ to popular narcissism expert09 February 2022
Twee GMW voorstellen krijgen een Promotiebeurs voor leraren van NWO.08 February 2022
Teaching pre-schoolers through VR goggles01 February 2022
Card game VIEWS helps understand emotions regarding sustainability31 January 2022
Deafblind individuals enjoy ‘sense stories’24 January 2022
Open access book teaches researchers programming language ‘Julia’11 January 2022
Generations and Gender Programme included in ESFRI Roadmap 202114 December 2021
Coming to the Netherlands on your own: how do we care for unaccompanied refugee children?30 November 2021
Cooperation: harder than it looks29 November 2021
Filosofie op het vmbo – filosofie voor álle leerlingen23 November 2021
Does LGBTQIA+ youth in youth care call for a different approach?16 November 2021
Katherine Stroebe appointed Professor of Social Psychology09 November 2021
Helping newcomers find a job? Train the employers!08 November 2021
Alumni interview: Five lessons from the career of truth-telling expert Riekje Stokes06 October 2021
How do anorexia patients resist hunger?05 October 2021
Researcher’s ideals inspire practical applications28 September 2021
Zpannend Zernike Limited: get on your bike on 3 October for a tour of science and technology27 September 2021
Ruud den Hartigh: 'Top sport is a like an arena of stress.'20 September 2021
In traffic we see more than we think16 September 2021
Teachers can also be bullies: LGBT youth at school16 September 2021
More sustainable behaviour? Doom scenarios with no prospects for taking action only serve to discourage people.12 August 2021
Sustainable behavior makes people happy19 July 2021
VIDI for Gert Stulp: How can we get better at predicting how many children will be born?14 July 2021
Moving up in the world through good education06 July 2021
Relationships must be repaired if progress is to be made on the gas extraction issue06 July 2021
Guideline for psycho-education on ADHD06 July 2021
NWA grant Sustainable Development Goals05 July 2021
Gas extraction in Groningen: not just houses, but people and relationships are also badly damaged30 June 2021
Academic Collaborative Centre for PIMD: Helping others to get the most out of life22 June 2021
Professor of Theory and History of Psychology Annette Mülberger: We should look back!21 June 2021
How do you involve citizens in the energy transition?15 June 2021
Linda Steg appointed as member European Academy Of Sciences And Arts08 June 2021
Recovery of long-term psychotic patients often better than thought07 June 2021
Faculty BSS recruits 20 Assistant Professors/Teachers!25 May 2021
In memoriam eredoctor Robert (Bob) E. Slavin (1950-2021)29 April 2021
Margrite Kalverboer appointed Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau26 April 2021
Face masks reduce emotion-recognition accuracy and perceived closeness26 April 2021
Why is crisis communication so difficult?13 April 2021
Studenten RUG en NHL Stenden helpen middelbare scholen bij voorbereiding op examens13 April 2021
Mindwise and GION receive KNAW grant 'Gewaardeerd!'13 April 2021
Teacher training programme offers learning community on educational leadership for school leaders from region06 April 2021
Don van Ravenzwaaij appointed adjunct professor Bayesian Statistics30 March 2021
An emotionally demanding job. How does that affect you?30 March 2021
Bi+ in the Netherlands: Hidden and stereotyped29 March 2021
Tribute to Linda Steg29 March 2021
The Young Academy Groningen welcomes seven new members25 March 2021
Video lecture Tina Kretschmer on DNA and social situations (as part of the Universiteit van Nederland)08 March 2021
Jochem Tolsma appointed as professor by special appointment of Social Divisions between Groups01 March 2021
The Commandos: Who has got what it takes?23 February 2021
Link between bullying and drug, alcohol, tobacco use in later life17 February 2021
Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen: van inzicht naar impact11 February 2021
Opening of the Expertise Centre for Families with Multiple Complex Needs01 February 2021
Rafaële Huntjens appointed adjunct professor of experimental clinical psychology25 January 2021
The history of education as a mirror for current issues14 December 2020
Anna Lichtwarck-Aschoff appointed Professor of Special Needs Education09 December 2020
‘School class party guide’ is used to fight the exclusion of children08 December 2020
Integration of newcomers is almost at a standstill01 December 2020
Michel Dückers appointed professor by special appointment 'Crises, safety and health'01 December 2020
Sebastiaan Mathôt receives VIDI grant for research into complex collaboration between brain and senses11 November 2020
Dr. Joost Heutink appointed Professor by Special Appointment11 November 2020
First two Aletta Jacobs chairs at UG09 November 2020
Five UG researchers awarded Vidi grants04 November 2020
First responses to the coronavirus pandemic are lessons for the second wave and the climate crisis13 October 2020
More sociable after a glass of beer? Is that even really true?21 September 2020
Meer studenten voor Wijk Inzet door Jongeren en Studenten10 September 2020
Het gemiddelde kind bestaat niet - Onderzoeksproject Ieder Kind is Anders van de RUG van start04 September 2020
Social needs barely differ per age group25 August 2020
Emotions in the American primary elections06 July 2020
Ymkje Anna de Vries wins Gratama Award01 July 2020
Health disparities reduced for Groningen residents with multiple cases of earthquake damage30 June 2020
Rouwen terwijl je slaapt?23 June 2020
De StayFine-lijn: coronahulplijn voor jongeren na angst en depressie10 June 2020
Teaching History in times of corona09 June 2020
Sports and financial self-management to improve social participation of young people with a psychotic disorder09 June 2020
How to make children fall in love with sport08 June 2020
Rinske Vermeij wins Jan Brouwer Scriptieprijs03 June 2020
Chantal D'Amore wins Jan Brouwer Scriptieprijs03 June 2020
Onderzoek naar effect loopbaanoriëntatie en loopbaanbegeleiding voor vmbo-jongeren met migratieachtergrond03 June 2020
Onderzoeksconsortium Evaluatie Passend Onderwijs: verbeterde organisatie van extra ondersteuning, maar ook verwachtingen die niet zijn uitgekomen02 June 2020
Two Teaching fellow grants for the UG13 May 2020
People with mental disorders at higher risk of developing physical illnesses30 April 2020
Large study on happiness among Dutch children and young people29 April 2020
How to engage people in climate policies?28 April 2020
Karel Brookhuis appointed Knight in the Order of the Dutch Lion24 April 2020
Werkt beeldbellen tijdens de coronacrisis bij behandeling van psychische aandoeningen zoals depressies?14 April 2020
The psychological impact of the coronavirus crisis07 April 2020
National portal with COVID-19 expertise Social Sciences and Humanities in the Netherlands30 March 2020
‘The elderly should be made to take compulsory lessons before buying an e-bike’24 March 2020
Tienjarige Academische Opleiding Leraar Basisonderwijs geeft krachtige impuls aan basisonderwijs Noord-Nederland11 March 2020
Grant for stimulating agricultural education in Mozambique09 March 2020
Photo report: Hacking brains in Psychology04 March 2020
‘We are stuck in a “disorder mindset”’25 February 2020
Video lecture by Hedderik van Rijn as part of the Universiteit van Nederland03 February 2020
Marije aan het Rot receives grant for research on effect of alcohol on empathic behaviour.23 January 2020
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