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The history of education as a mirror for current issues14 December 2020
Anna Lichtwarck-Aschoff appointed Professor of Special Needs Education09 December 2020
‘School class party guide’ is used to fight the exclusion of children08 December 2020
Integration of newcomers is almost at a standstill01 December 2020
Michel Dückers appointed professor by special appointment 'Crises, safety and health'01 December 2020
Dr. Joost Heutink appointed Professor by Special Appointment11 November 2020
Sebastiaan Mathôt receives VIDI grant for research into complex collaboration between brain and senses11 November 2020
First two Aletta Jacobs chairs at UG09 November 2020
Five UG researchers awarded Vidi grants04 November 2020
First responses to the coronavirus pandemic are lessons for the second wave and the climate crisis13 October 2020
More sociable after a glass of beer? Is that even really true?21 September 2020
Meer studenten voor Wijk Inzet door Jongeren en Studenten10 September 2020
Het gemiddelde kind bestaat niet - Onderzoeksproject Ieder Kind is Anders van de RUG van start04 September 2020
Social needs barely differ per age group25 August 2020
Emotions in the American primary elections06 July 2020
Ymkje Anna de Vries wins Gratama Award01 July 2020
Health disparities reduced for Groningen residents with multiple cases of earthquake damage30 June 2020
Rouwen terwijl je slaapt?23 June 2020
De StayFine-lijn: coronahulplijn voor jongeren na angst en depressie10 June 2020
Sports and financial self-management to improve social participation of young people with a psychotic disorder09 June 2020
Teaching History in times of corona09 June 2020
How to make children fall in love with sport08 June 2020
Rinske Vermeij wins Jan Brouwer Scriptieprijs03 June 2020
Chantal D'Amore wins Jan Brouwer Scriptieprijs03 June 2020
Onderzoek naar effect loopbaanoriëntatie en loopbaanbegeleiding voor vmbo-jongeren met migratieachtergrond03 June 2020
Onderzoeksconsortium Evaluatie Passend Onderwijs: verbeterde organisatie van extra ondersteuning, maar ook verwachtingen die niet zijn uitgekomen02 June 2020
Two Teaching fellow grants for the UG13 May 2020
People with mental disorders at higher risk of developing physical illnesses30 April 2020
Large study on happiness among Dutch children and young people29 April 2020
How to engage people in climate policies?28 April 2020
Karel Brookhuis appointed Knight in the Order of the Dutch Lion24 April 2020
Werkt beeldbellen tijdens de coronacrisis bij behandeling van psychische aandoeningen zoals depressies?14 April 2020
The psychological impact of the coronavirus crisis07 April 2020
National portal with COVID-19 expertise Social Sciences and Humanities in the Netherlands30 March 2020
‘The elderly should be made to take compulsory lessons before buying an e-bike’24 March 2020
Grant for stimulating agricultural education in Mozambique09 March 2020
Photo report: Hacking brains in Psychology04 March 2020
‘We are stuck in a “disorder mindset”’25 February 2020
Little dissatisfaction with asylum seekers’ centres, a lot of dissatisfaction with the government17 January 2020
Suïcide onder jongeren: complexe oorzaken, complexe oplossingen17 January 2020
Reinforcement insufficiently satisfies expectations of residents with serious earthquake damage16 December 2019
Emeritus Professor Douwe Draaisma: ‘I’m a sucker for a good story’12 November 2019
Can we use silence to change public opinion?11 November 2019
Preventing the rapid decrease in healthcare staff29 October 2019
Vote now for BSS researchers for Klokhuis prize15 October 2019
Good and bad news about the flexible workstation08 October 2019
From bully to handyman23 September 2019
Temptation and restraint. The role of reward and punishment sensitivity in anorexia nervosa, obesity, and unsuccessful dieting06 September 2019
Thirteen Veni grants for young Groningen researchers16 July 2019
Impact of earthquake in Westerwijtwerd felt in wider area10 July 2019
Zeven RUG-projecten krijgen financiering via de NWA Ideeëngenerator08 July 2019
Academy Medal for Trudy Dehue15 May 2019
A four-legged therapist14 May 2019
Doing nothing against climate change also has consequences30 April 2019
Prof. Linda Steg appointed Knight of the Order of the Netherlands Lion26 April 2019
Preventing recurrent depression19 March 2019
Durfpoli confronts children with their fears07 March 2019
Hoogleraar Stynke Castelein wint de Vrouw in de Media Award Groningen07 February 2019
Keeping global warming below 1.5 degrees: ‘It is still possible, but we need to act quickly and drastically’08 October 2018
Zpannend Zernike: Backstage in the wondrous world of science and technology27 September 2018
Acceptance gas extractions continues to diminish07 September 2018
Prof. Erik Knorth Officer of the Order of Orange-Nassau08 June 2018
Our sensitive pupils06 June 2018
Nine UG researchers win Vidi grants01 June 2018
Green Office: making the University more sustainable22 May 2018
Successful dieting affected by mood and attraction to food21 March 2018
Tamara Oosterwijk awarded GAP thesis prize 201715 March 2018
Summer Schools 2018 & the Faculty BSS12 March 2018
Society-related subject clusters do not tie in with university programmes06 March 2018
Internet therapy not effective for depression in the long term12 January 2018
Vulnerable asylum seekers’ children need better preparation for repatriation07 December 2017
Nico van Yperen first Professor of Sport Psychology in the Netherlands01 December 2017
University of Groningen the best broad traditional university in the Netherlands15 November 2017
Daydreams in a computer model02 October 2017
An overview of social discontent in the Netherlands26 September 2017
ERC Grants awarded to four UG scientists30 August 2017
Alumnus van het Jaar Merel Rumping in Broerstraat 505 July 2017
René Veenstra geeft antipest-college bij Kinderuniversiteit Leeuwarden30 June 2017
Criticism of research on upper limit to human lifespan: one 122 year old woman has influenced the data29 June 2017
Long-term effects of mild brain injury determined by personal factors and severity of accident20 June 2017
Five University of Groningen professors elected as members of the KNAW10 May 2017
18.8 Millions for SCOOP08 May 2017
Linda Steg appointed as lead author IPCC special report on Global Warming of 1.5°C21 April 2017
Article López, Koopmans and Knorth 'Decision making in child protection' in top 10 journal Child Abuse & Neglect27 March 2017
Grootste kans op rechtse coalitie24 March 2017
Subsidie Laura Batstra: Klassenfeestjes tegen sociale uitsluiting20 March 2017
Strategic partnership with Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México06 March 2017
NWO grants two UG projects on Responsible innovation03 March 2017
Eighteen 'top programmes' in Higher Education Guide Masters28 February 2017
Millions worth of grants for four Groningen top researchers17 February 2017
Activisten ondergaan kwalitatieve verandering van het zelfbeeld15 February 2017
Horizon 2020-funded Generations and Gender Programme (GGP-EPI) launched in Paris - Coordination by NiDi26 January 2017
Academische Werkplaats ADHD en druk gedrag van start10 November 2016
A true love story: Young people’s romantic and sexual development in the context of everyday life - PhD defnece Wieke Dalenberg03 November 2016
Autumn edition Broerstraat 519 October 2016
Kindercollege: De pest aan pesten20 September 2016
Kenniscentrum Aardbevingen RUG legt de cruciale vragen bloot voor de toekomst van het gaswinningsgebied05 September 2016
Best Poster Award European Conference on Social Networks voor Vera de Bel30 August 2016
Peter de Jonge hoogleraar Ontwikkelingspsychologie02 June 2016
Discover the unknown during the Night of Art & Science25 May 2016
Nine Vidi grants for top researchers from the University of Groningen and UMCG13 May 2016
Onderzoeksrapport 'Mijn Andere Thuis': goed luisteren naar jongeren in pleeg- en gezinshuiszorg belangrijk29 April 2016
Health problems more common among inhabitants of Groningen with recurrent earthquake damage29 April 2016
Summer Schools 2016 at the Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences18 April 2016
Margrite Kalverboer nieuwe Kinderombudsman: ‘Ik zal aansluiten bij de rijke erfenis van Marc Dullaert’05 April 2016
MOOC on Energy Transition starts April 25th01 April 2016
Young people underestimate how much their friends smoke or drink09 March 2016
Divide in language performance of northern Dutch youth02 March 2016
Globalization does not expand our understanding of the world04 January 2016
The Netherlands and Indonesia; researchers and arts come together in the Rijksmuseum18 November 2015
Al springend leer je beter rekenen03 November 2015
Rift between autism research and practice widens28 October 2015
Kans van slagen klimaattop Parijs groter dan destijds in Kopenhagen27 October 2015
Subsidy for researching a procedure to make city neighborhoods and villages energy neutral27 October 2015
Contempt and arrogance at the root of poor leadership14 October 2015
Nieuwe Broerstraat 5 is uit08 October 2015
Gabriël Anthonio, Professor by Special Appointment of Sociology of Leadership, Organizations and Sustainability02 October 2015
Elsevier ‘best studies’ survey shows: in 2015 again top scores for master and bachelor program Sociology in Groningen.30 September 2015
Strong evidence debunking common myths about right and left-handedness23 September 2015
Vermindering van pesten op KiVa-scholen23 September 2015
NWO Research Talent grant for Vera de Bel and prof. dr.Tom Snijders11 September 2015
René Veenstra nominated for the Huibregtsen Prize 201507 July 2015
Positive stereotyping best remedy for negative stereotyping19 June 2015
A special Noorderbreedte Magazine in cooperation with Sustainable Society24 April 2015
Negative momentum detrimental to athletes15 April 2015
Little empirical evidence for recruitment in prisons23 March 2015
Scary images on cigarette packages do not deter everyone11 February 2015
University of Groningen leads the way in online taster courses21 January 2015
Summer schools help to prevent children having to repeat a year12 December 2014
Marleen Janssen in EenVandaag over film 'Marie Heurtin': doofblinden leren communiceren04 December 2014
New videos Unifocus: Suzanne Täuber, Mindfulness for informal carers and Spying on animals03 December 2014
Moralizing about obesity has a counterproductive effect14 November 2014
New videos Unifocus: Deafblindness, succes for protein researcher Slotboom and Tomorrow's Home05 November 2014
Interlandse Wetenschapswinkeldagen in Groningen04 November 2014
Royal Decoration for Prof. C. Vlaskamp10 October 2014
KNAW Faces of Science: Kirsten van den Bosch reveals what life as a young researcher is like06 August 2014
Students win Green Mind Award: pavement garden for the University Library11 June 2014
Vacature Universitair Docent Sociologie (1,0 fte)11 June 2014
University of Groningen offers resit training on 14 and 15 June11 June 2014
More health risks among young people10 June 2014
Spinoza Prize winner: ‘I embrace the fuzzy nature of ecology’06 June 2014
Countries must prevent genocide earlier05 June 2014
Research on therapy for loved ones of missing persons05 June 2014
Educatieve kinderdag op vliegveld Eelde in Pinksterweekend05 June 2014
Voorkomen van depressie door verbeeldingskracht04 June 2014
National Student Survey results: University of Groningen student satisfaction grows04 June 2014
Six hundred children step into a church time capsule02 June 2014
Jihadist videos throw light on suicide attacks02 June 2014
Walk for Infinity: Following in the footsteps of Ubbo Emmius28 May 2014
Empathy can be trained28 May 2014
Radboud and UMCG awarded major European grant for rare children’s disease27 May 2014
The smartest cells come from Groningen22 May 2014
A road map for suicide research22 May 2014
University of Groningen gauges opinion on gas extraction22 May 2014
New Zernikeborg building will probably resemble a WV shape21 May 2014
Team met Jan Komdeur wint eerste Bio Art & Design Award19 May 2014
Academieplein closed to cyclists from 13 to 26 May13 May 2014
NWO grant for sea turtle research in the Caribbean13 May 2014
Prof. Carl Djerassi, father of oral contraception, to visit University of Groningen12 May 2014
NWO grants awarded to six University of Groningen researchers08 May 2014
Healthy fats protect babies against obesity in later life08 May 2014
Hoeveel ijsjes kun je maken van al het Noordpoolijs?08 May 2014
Dutch Poet Laureate next Guest Writer at University of Groningen29 April 2014
Royal Decoration for Robert van der Meer25 April 2014
Royal Decoration for Wied Ruijssenaars25 April 2014
Royal Decoration for Gillis Dorleijn25 April 2014
Royal decorations for six University of Groningen staff members25 April 2014
Boudewijn Smits (biographer Loe de Jong) in VPRO Boeken24 April 2014
Loe de Jong biography appears on historian’s 100th birthday16 April 2014
Opening hours of the University and the University Library over the Easter weekend16 April 2014
Bachelor in Liberal Arts and Sciences added to University of Groningen degree programmes in Studielink14 April 2014
Nieuwe Broerstraat 5, thema: Viering 400 jaar RUG ‘For Infinity’09 April 2014
Successor to flash memory lasts much longer08 April 2014
400 primary schoolchildren to open For Infinity: 400 years of Academic Science in Groningen exhibition03 April 2014
Gripping answers to 400 questions from the public31 March 2014
Wanted: 1,000 volunteers27 March 2014
Increase in municipal housing costs the smallest ever27 March 2014
Space research institute SRON, Province and University of Groningen sign ‘Deal of the North’26 March 2014
Voorronde internationale FameLab wedstrijd in Groningen25 March 2014
KNAW and University of Groningen ratify continuation of NIDI knowledge institute19 March 2014
Revolutionary new view on heritability in plants07 February 2014
Honorary doctorate for Unilever top man Paul Polman04 February 2014
Fish swim more efficiently in schools03 February 2014
Christian Zuidema Lecturer of the Year29 January 2014
Spinning skyrmions show way to new electronics27 January 2014
Fear of earthquakes risen sharply among inhabitants of earthquake zone24 January 2014
Groningen economists predict medal table for Sochi: 6 gold medals for the Netherlands24 January 2014
Royal decoration for Professor of Social Psychiatry Hans Ormel23 January 2014
Three out of every ten students still live in Groningen ten to fifteen years later22 January 2014
Teacher Education University of Groningen is training educational administrators in Kenya16 January 2014
Eating too much salt increases risk of heart attack15 January 2014
Nieuw type spraakklep biedt perspectief voor patiënten zonder strottenhoofd13 January 2014
Prestigious ERC Consolidator Grant for Melinda Mills09 January 2014
PLOS One article: What cues do ungulates use to assess predation risk in dense temperate forests?07 January 2014
€1.1 million in funding for UMCG research into cancer and depression07 January 2014
Registration for University of Groningen VWO and HAVO exam training now open!06 January 2014
’s Heeren Loo Zorggroep and University of Groningen cooperate in academic workplace03 January 2014
Smartphone app predicts depression18 December 2013
Bullying in the news06 February 2013
Promotie Anke Munniksma (sociologie) in het nieuws16 January 2013


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