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Occupational health, safety & environmental care

NameJob titledepartment/ service/
Boer, N.Contactperson AMD
Fokkens-Bruinsma, dr M.Assistant professorTeacher Education (chairman)
Gulik, D.Studentmember
Iemhoff, drs H.M.Advisor
Kiers, learningInstitute of Education (vice chairman / counselor)
Kievitsbosch, A.F., MSc
Koops, H.B.Study AdvisorInstitute of Education (counselor)
Krol, drs J.HR (counselor)
Naaijer, drs H.M.ResearcherPedagogical and Educational Sciences
Spijkers, dr W.researcherSociology
Velthuizen-Geway, S.C., BScsecretarial support
Waard, prof dr D. deassociate professor "Traffic Psychology and the Retention of Mobility"Psychology
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