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Regulation Working Group Internationalisation Faculty BSS

confirmed by the Faculty council on 09 april 2014.

Task of the Working Group Internationalisation

(This part is accorded by the Faculty Board, May 2013)

The Working Group Internationalisation advises the Faculty Board in (policy) matters concerning internationalisation in general. Examples of focus areas are:

  • Exchange of students and staff
  • Internationalisation of degree programmes, including double degree programmes, international classroom etc.
  • Integration of (inter)national staff and of (inter)national students
  • Internationalisation at home in general
  • Faculty vision and policy concerning internationalisation

The entire field of internationalisation is subject to continuous development. Therefore, the focus areas of the Working Group Internationalisation also vary over the years. The Working Group Internationalisation is not involved with internationalisation in research.

Members of the Working Group Internationalisation

  1. Member of the Faculty Board, portfolio holder internationalisation
  2. Student member of the Faculty Board
  3. Departmental coordinators internationalisation
  4. Faculty coordinator/policy advisor internationalisation
  5. Coordinator International Office/Admissions officer
  6. One or two academic advisors per international programme
  7. One or two staff members of international programmes
  8. One or two international staff members (may be included in the above)
  9. Three or four student members, of which at least one of each party of the Faculty Council and, if possible, including two international students
  10. One representative of each BSS study association, preferably from international committees (may be included in the above)
  11. Secretarial support (minutes)
  12. Any additional members after consideration


  • The Faculty Board proposes and appoints the chair of the working group.
  • The departmental coordinators internationalisation are proposed by the directors of education and appointed by the Faculty Board.
  • The student members ad 9. are proposed by the student members of the Faculty Council and appointed by the Faculty Board for the period of one academic year.
  • Members ad. 1., 2., 4., 5., and 11. are members by their function and appointed by the Faculty Board.
  • Members ad. 6., 7., 8., 10., and 12. are voluntary members and appointed by the Faculty Board


  • The working group meets as often as the chair or at least two members find necessary, but at least 6 times per year.
  • The working group decides with a simple majority of votes (eenvoudige meerderheid van stemmen).
  • With equal votes the vote of the chair is decisive.
  • A time slot for the meetings has to be found such that the Dean and the coordinators can be present. Because of changing schedules for teaching obligations, new time slots have to be found for each semester.


The work of the working group internationalisation is supported by the Faculty coordinator/policy advisor internationalisation.


In case of conflicts the Faculty Board decides.

Last modified:07 March 2016 5.30 p.m.