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House Rules

House Rules

The House Rules of the Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences elaborate on the University of Groningen Regulations as set out by the Board of the University (CvB). These rules focus on the buildings and premises that are used by the faculty. If necessary, the Faculty Board can change these rules as long as they continue to fit into the framework of the CvB regulations. The In-house Services of the faculty are responsible for the enforcement of the House Rules.

These house rules concern the buildings and premises of the Hortus Location and the Bloemstraat area. In connection with the Damsterplein, the rules and regulations of the renter and co-user of the Damsterborg are applicable, namely the Building Society Nijestee.



Building no.



Heymans Building
Grote Kruisstraat 2/1



Heymans Wing
Grote Kruisstraat 2/1



Munting Building
Grote Kruisstraat 2/1



Jantina Tammes House
Nieuwe Kijk in ‘t Jatstraat 68/70



Van Gelder Building
Grote Rozenstraat 3



Snijders Building
Grote Rozenstraat 15



Gadourek Building
Grote Rozenstraat 19



Bouman Building
Grote Rozenstraat 31



Nieuwenhuis Building incl. Ambulatorium
Grote Rozenstraat 38




Damsterplein 6




Main Building
Bloemstraat 36



Bloemstraat 36



  • Theft
    All BSS buildings are public; that is to say, they are accessible to everybody during opening hours. In connection with possible theft of either RUG or private properties every keyholder is obliged to lock his or her workspace during absence

  • Safety
    Every staff member, student or visitor who uses the BSS buildings and/or the facilities must be aware of the general
    Safety Instructions of BSS. In case of a fire, accident or emergency, people should immediately contact the Central Office (Centrale Meldkamer, or CMK) of the RUG:
    phone: 050-363 8050.
    The Central Office will make sure that all necessary assistance will be arranged for you. Keep exits free!
  • No Smoking Policy
    You are not allowed to smoke in any of the buildings of the Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences. Also, smoking is not permitted within a radius of 5 meters near the entrances and exits.
  • Animals
    You are not allowed to bring animals into the buildings. Only guide dogs and care dogs are permitted.
  • Waste
    Please dispose of any waste in the appropriate bins, and throw cigarette butts into the ashtrays.
  • Bicycles
    Please place bicycles in the shed or in the bike racks. You are not allowed to park bicycles at random in the Hortus Garden. Also: keep the passage way for pedestrians in mind, when you put your bikes (in the racks) on the street.
  • Notice Boards
    The notice boards in the various buildings are intended for organizational or teaching and research activities that are associated with the faculty. Information that does not comply with this will be removed. You are not allowed to paste information on any of the walls.
  • Mobile phones
    Phone calls are not permitted in or near a teaching / research area, in the study rooms or in the library. Make sure you do not disturb others when you make a phone call.
  • Food and drinks
    In the lecture rooms, computer rooms, libraries and laboratories food and drink are not allowed.
  • Offices and work rooms
    You are not allowed to bring and use your own electrical equipment (e.g. coffee machines) or to fit any extension cords or distributors yourself.
    For more information, see the faculty web pages: Facilitaire Diensten GMW›Gebouwenbeheer ›Kluswerkzaamheden.
  • Lecture rooms
    - The use of phones, laptops and tablets in the lecture rooms is only allowed in connection with activities that concern the lecture.
    - Be on time: there is no ‘academic quarter’ anymore.
    - Be quiet: talk will disturb the teacher and fellow students.
  • Access to buildings
    If people do not follow the rules as established in the University House Rules and Disciplinary Measures (Art. 7.57h WHW) under ‘Regulations for the use of university buildings, grounds and other facilities,’ this may have the consequence that their access to the buildings and premises will be temporarily or permanently denied.
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