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General Safety Instructions

General Safety Instructions Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences


These General Safety Instructions are meant for everyone – student, scientist or visitor – who happens to be in or close to the buildings of the Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences (FBSS).

To prevent fire, accidents and other incidents, and for the general assistance, an experienced and certified emergency response team (BHV’s) is on standby within the FBSS. The emergency response team (BHV) consists of employees of the FBSS who execute this task in addition to their regular activities.

The University of Groningen has a Central Office to which any incident can be reported (CMK). You can reach the CMK through the Emergency number 8050 via the internal phone system, or through 050 – 363 8050 via an external line or a mobile phone.

The CMK plays a central and crucial role in establishing the necessary assistance; it contacts the external emergency services, and it also makes sure that the faculty or service involved and their BHV will be informed about the incident. The CMK has a direct telephone connection with the control room of the external emergency services in Groningen (112).

Emergency number 8050

Please report an accident, fire or other incident immediately to the CMK of the RUG: see remarks above.

If necessary, the CMK will immediately involve the external emergency services (Fire Department, Police, Ambulance). You will not have to do this yourself anymore.

The faculty will be informed immediately afterwards and the BHV will be involved, as well. Please do not use the phone after a notification of an emergency; this to prevent an overload of the telephone network.


In the event of an accident, fire or other incident, please follow the instructions of the authority in charge: the BHV, the Police, the Fire Department and/or the Ambulance personnel.

There is a sticker with the RUG emergency number 8050 on your telephone at the RUG. Please add this number to your contacts on your own mobile phone or fixed line, as well.

There are also red telephones at various locations throughout the university that can solely be used to phone the emergency number 8050.

The presence of people from the Emergency Response Team of the RUG is indicated by a sign on a windowframe or entrance door of a room. This sign has a white cross on a green background. Please inform yourself about the presence of the BHV in your own surroundings.

Accident or Fire

What to do in case of an accident or fire

  • Please report the incident immediately to the CMK of the RUG: Emergency Number 8050; either through the internal telephone line, or by calling 050 – 363 8050 via an external line or a mobile phone.


  • In case there is a victim, do not leave the victim alone and let others call the emergency number 8050. Ask the name of the victim, or ask possible bystanders whether they know the victim’s name. Write down the name.
  • Help the victim yourself, if you know how to act, involve the nearest BHV- person, or wait until the BHV-person contacted by the CMK has arrived. Reassure the victim.
  • Pass on the help and assistance, after the BHV-person has arrived.


  • If you hear the evacuation signal or fire alarm and you do not see or smell any fire, then close all the windows and doors of the room you are in, and leave the building immediately. Take your personal belongings with you.
  • Warn colleagues and, if possible, help people who are unable to leave the building by themselves.
  • Whilst leaving the building, do not open any warm doors or doors that have smoke coming from underneath them.


How do you prevent an accident, fire or other incident?

  • If you encounter situations in the university buildings or on the grounds surrounding these buildings that you think might lead to an incident, you are supposed to mention this immediately to the reception desk of the porters’ office near the entrance of the Heymansbuilding (phone 6314). In case of an emergency or acute danger, immediate measures will be taken.
  • To prevent fire, it is forbidden to have an open fire in the immediate surroundings of the buildings; it is also forbidden to bring and use your own electrical equipment (like a coffee machine), to install your own extension cords or distributors, and to conduct your own repairs to electrical equipment or installations.
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