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How to apply for membership of the Faculty Council

Members of the Faculty Council are chosen in the University elections, which usually take place at the end of May (for more information, see University elections ). People can vote via ProgRESSWWW. People interested in membership of the Council can put themselves up for election.


Student parties in the Faculty Council have to arrange their own successors. In February or March, the former council members of each respective party will solicit applications in order to put together a list of prospective student members. At the end of March, the party rounds off the application procedure and draws up a list of candidates. The candidates may then campaign in order to win votes in the University elections. The number of votes won by the parties and the individual candidates determines the number of seats that a party will hold and which candidates will take a seat in the Faculty Council.

After the elections

The former student members of the Faculty Council prepare the new members for their new position, usually during a training weekend. This way, the new Council members roughly know what to expect, which will enable them to effectively perform their duties.

If you would like some more information or would like to apply, please contact the student section of the Faculty Council.

In addition, students may set up a new student party. More information on this subject can be found on the website of the Central Polling Committee .

Rules of Procedure of the Faculty BSS

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