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Psychology (en)

matching procedure for the English-taught bachelor Psychology


The matching is mandatory for Dutch prospective students. For non-Dutch students, the matching is optional but highly recommended.

Date and location

On Saturday, June 9th, 2018 the matching day for Psychology will take place in Groningen, in the University’s Exam Hall. During this day you will take three small exams on subjects that will also be covered during your studies and for which you will be able to prepare at home.

Physically present or take the exams online?

Non-Dutch students can do the matching online. (Please sign up via the online matching form for international students). However, we highly recommend everyone to come to Groningen on June 9th and physically take part in the matching, and get a feel for the city’s atmosphere and what it’s like to study here. Let us know if you do via .

For prospective Dutch students, there is an emergency procedure in which we allow you to take the exams online if you have a good reason to not be able to attend the Matching Day at June 9th. To submit your request to take part in the emergency procedure, please send an email with both your reason for not attending, as well as proof to: .


Each exam will be 45 minutes. Between each exam there is a 15-minute break. Please check below to see how you can prepare for each of the subjects.


The exams will hold the following subjects:

  • Biological Psychology
    The Biological Psychology exam will be about chapters 2 and 11 from Michael Gazzaniga’s book Psychological Science.
  • Psychology and the Brain
    Watch the lecture 'Biopsychology' by dr. Mark Nieuwenstein.


A couple of weeks after the Matching day your results and a study advice will be sent to you by email. The study advice can be either positive or negative, but please keep in mind that it is an advice. There are no consequences to this advice. However, the advice does give you a good indication of your chance of succeeding in the Psychology programme at the University of Groningen.

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