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"soft cut"

The exceptional situation due to the Corona crisis requires special measures. The Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science has, therefore, decided that the “hard cut” requirement for starting the master's programme will this year, under certain conditions, be disregarded. This means that the transfer from the bachelor's to the master's programme for the upcoming academic year (2022-2023) will be allowed with a so-called "soft cut" access. You may start your master's programme under specific conditions, even if you have not yet fully completed your bachelor. Consequently, you can enrol for master's courses, in order to limit study delay as much as possible.


The admissions board of your master's programme decides whether you can be admitted. For the master's programme of educational sciences, a soft cut is allowed for enrolment in the academic year 2022-2023 under the following conditions:

  • Your deficiency on the bachelor's degree is maximum 5 ECTS;
  • You have completed the bachelor thesis with sufficient result;
  • Possible electives that are a condition for admission to a master‛s track do not fall under the deficiency regulation.

Double enrolment

Admission with a soft cut means you are simultaneously registered for your bachelor's and master's programme. This is allowed for a maximum of one academic year, so you have to complete your Bachelor's degree in 2022-2023. If you haven’t completed your bachelor before 1 September 2023, you cannot re-enrol in your master's programme the following academic year. This is only possible after you have completed your bachelor. During the double enrolment you only pay tuition fees for your master's programme.


When you think you qualify for admission with the soft cut, the following is important.

  1. Please re-enrol as a bachelor student before 1 August 2022 and register for your (GMW) master's programme in Studylink. Your request will then be processed automatically;
  2. For bachelor students: start your graduation procedure in Progress before 1 August 2022. In August, the Student Administration will check whether the students who have enrolled for a master's programme in Studylink meet the admission criteria. For bachelor students, this check is done on the basis of the graduation package in the graduation procedure in ProgressWWW. Once you have met the admission criteria, the administration will make an admission document. This document will be sent to the central student administration for your enrolment. You will receive a copy of this document on your UG email.

It is wise to think carefully about the planning of your master's year while you still have to complete bachelor's courses. The academic advisor can help you with a realistic planning. Please do not hesitate to contact your academic advisor. For questions about the procedure, please contact the faculty's Student Service Desk and Administration (owbalie.gmw

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