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Picture Mayra Mascareño Lara
Mayra Mascareño Lara, Chile



"I decided to apply to the University of Groningen after an intensive period of searching. Why Groningen? Because here I found an interesting degree programme that I could tailor to my interests."

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Picture Marloes van der Klauw
Marloes van der Klauw, the Netherlands



"What I like most about the programme is that it challenges me to consider and discover things on my own. In addition, being appointed as a research assistant gives me the opportunity to be involved in even more research projects."

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Picture Fernando Nieto Morales
Fernando Nieto Morales, Mexico



"The Research Master’s programme has, at least, three remarkable features: its academic excellence, its flexibility, and its friendliness."

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Picture Marii Paškov
Marii Paškov, Estonia



"Spending one week at a Summer School was certainly one of the most inspiring and motivating experiences I have had in this Research Master’s programme so far!"

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Picture Annika Tovote
Annika Tovote, Germany



"Participating in a research project in Ethiopia was both interesting and challenging; it prepared me optimally for a future scientific career."

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Picture Marlon Nieuwenhuis
Marlon Nieuwenhuis, the Netherlands




"To shape the Traineeship to your own needs is what makes it interesting and challenging."

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Picture Gijs Huitsing
Gijs Huitsing, the Netherlands



"In my second year of the Research Master’s programme, I wrote a research proposal for a PhD project and obtained funding for my project by a prestigious Toptalent grant from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO). The Research Master’s programme has been very helpful for preparing my NWO proposal."

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