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Academic staff

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In the table below the course lecturers are listed. Their names are linked to their personal profile pages with information such as their research interests, publications, teaching and more. Further down on this page, you are directed to research groups where you can find other staff to collaborate with for traineeships or Master's theses.

Name Disciplines
Albers, dr. C.J. (Casper) Statistics & Probability
Psychology, Mathematical
Social Sciences, Quantitative Methods
Mathematics, Applied
Bosker, prof. dr. R.J. (Roel) Education & Educational Research
Derksen, dr. M. (Maarten) Theory & History of Psychology
Dijkstra, dr. J.K. (Jan Kornelis) Sociology
Duijn, dr. M.A.J. (Marijtje) van Statistics & Probability
Flache, prof. dr. A. (Andreas) Sociology
Social Sciences, Quantitative Methods
Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary
Hansen, dr. N. (Nina) Psychology, Social
Heyse, dr. L. (Liesbet) Sociology
Huisman, dr. J.M.E. (Mark) Social Sciences, Quantitative Methods
Statistics & Probability
Huntjens, dr. R.J.C. (Rafaele) Psychology, Clinical
Jeronimus, dr. B.F. (Bertus) Psychology, Developmental
Psychology, Clinical
Jong, prof. dr. P.J. (Peter) de Psychology, Clinical
Psychology, Experimental
Jonge, prof. dr. P. (Peter) de Psychology, Developmental
Psychology, Clinical
Keller, dr. A.C. (Anita) Organizational Psychology
Koerts, dr. J. (Janneke) Neuropsychology, Clinical
Kretschmer, dr. T. (Tina) Behavioural Sciences
Kunnen, dr. E.S. (Saskia) Psychology, Developmental
Psychology, Educational
Leander, dr. N.P. (N. Pontus) Organizational Psychology
Nauta, dr. M.H. (Maaike) Psychology
Psychology, Clinical
Psychology, Applied
Ostafin, dr. B.D. Psychology, Clinical
Perlaviciute, dr. G. (Goda) Psychology, Social
Pijnenborg, prof. dr. G.H.M. (Marieke) Psychology, Clinical
Post, dr. W.J. Statistics & Probability
Putten, dr. A.A.J. (Annette) van der Education, Special
Rietzschel, dr. E.F. (Eric) Psychology
Organizational Psychology
Psychology, Social
Scheibe, prof. dr. S. (Susanne) Organizational Psychology
Steenbeek, dr. H.W. (Henderien) Psychology, Developmental
Psychology, Educational
Steg, prof. dr. E.M. (Linda) Psychology, Social
Steglich, dr. C.E.G. (Christian) Social Sciences, Quantitative Methods
Statistics & Probability
Strijbos, prof. dr. J.W. (Jan-Willem) Education & Educational Research
Psychology, Educational
Stulp, G. (Gert), PhD Sociology
Evolutionary Biology
Tendeiro, dr. J.N. (Jorge) Statistics & Probability
Timmerman, prof. dr. M.E. (Marieke) Statistics & Probability
Tucha, prof. dr. O.M. (Oliver) Psychology
Veenstra, prof. dr. D.R. (René) Sociology
Werff, dr. E. (Ellen) van der, PhD Psychology, Social
Wittek, prof. dr. R.P.M. (Rafael) Sociology
Behavioural Sciences
Zomeren, prof. dr. M. (Martijn) van Psychology, Social

Other staff for further specialization in the research master programme (i.e., collaboration for traineeships or Master's theses) can be found here:

- Heymans Institute for Psychological Research

- Department of Sociology

- Nieuwenhuis Institute for Educational Research

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