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Colloquium: Rules versus judgement in the social sciences

Wanneer:do 23-10-2014 15:15 - 17:00
Waar:Kouwerzaal, M161

Over the last few years, research practices in the social sciences have come under the spotlight. In particular concerns over the reproducibility of key findings have raised the question whether researchers are not taking too many liberties in their methods and statistical analysis. So-called 'questionable research practices' have been much discussed, including at our faculty. It seems clear that the way research is done should be improved. But how? Human behaviour and society are very complex, and so is behavioural and social research. So:

Do we need better rules?

Or better judgement?

In this colloquium, Arie Dijkstra and Richard Morey will discuss this issue from the perspective of a researcher and of a statistician respectively. They're both perhaps even more interested in the views and experiences of the audience.

Prof. Arie Dijkstra conducts research in the field of Health Psychology. He uses fundamental lab studies as well as complex intervention studies in the field to answer various research questions.

Dr. Richard Morey is an associate professor of Psychometrics and Statistics in the Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences. His two primary areas of research are mathematical cognitive psychology, with a focus on hierarchical Bayesian models of memory and perception, and methodology, including statistical inference and practice. Dr. Morey is known for his advocacy of Bayesian reform in psychological statistics.

Information: Dr. Maarten Derksen,