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Anna Kornadt, Domain-specific views on aging and their role in developmental regulation across the life-span (Heymans Colloquium)

When:Th 10-01-2013 15:30 - 16:30

Dr. Anna Kornadt
(Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena, Germany)

Domain-specific views on aging and their role in developmental regulation across the life-span

Wednesday, 10 Januari 2013, 15.30 - 16.30 hrs

Room M.0061 (Munting building), Grote Kruisstraat 2, Groningen

What people think about old persons and themselves in old age influences their behavior towards older adults but also their own aging process.
Recent findings suggest that such views on aging are multidimensional and –directional rather than just generally positive or negative. We were
thus interested in the domain-specificity of views on aging and their relationship to the self-concept and preparation for age-related changes over
the adult life span. We developed a new questionnaire in which we assessed views on aging in various life domains. Our findings support the
existence of independent domain-specific age stereotypes that also varied by age group, providing evidence for a multifaceted and complex view
of old age and aging. Furthermore, the mechanisms through which stereotypes are internalized into the self-concept (or not), and also intentions
to prepare oneself for age-related changes seem to be related to domain-specific expectations, stereotypes, and evaluations. In future research,
we want to extend and validate the findings by investigating views on aging longitudinally, cross-culturally, and experimentally, as well as by exploring
their development in childhood and adolescence. Overall, research on domain-specific views on aging can yield further insight into the relationship
of conceptions of life-span development and developmental regulation across the life span and thus promote the understanding of mechanisms of
“successful” aging.

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