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About us Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences Construction projects at GMW

Construction projects at GMW

More lecture rooms, more student work stations, improved and modern canteen facilities and as sustainable as possible.
The 'Oude Aanbouw' (under the Heymans Wing) will be renovated over the coming period. The design plans are completed. > Read more

During demolition and construction of the building you can drink a cup of coffee, borrow books and study at other places. We advise you to keep a close eye on the reports about the construction activities, so that you know what is going on and you are not unexpectedly bothered by the renovation.

Thank you for your understanding during the construction work.


juni19-2.jpg25 January 2024
Construction project next to Heymansgebouw (Faculty BSS) finished28 February 2022
Bouwupdate 19 mei19 May 2020
Construction update - demolition of scaffolding near former emergency stairs07 February 2020
Toilets 1st and 2nd floor Heymans building temporarily closed05 February 2020
Tour of the building site17 December 2019
Construction update 26 April: start activities, work on 3rd and 4th floor of the Heymans building staircase09 December 2019
Renovation of Heymans Building extension to start in April09 December 2019
Bouwbericht vrijdag 1 november: renovatie Heymansgebouw 50a - extra steigers - ivm tentamens werkzaamheden voor 9.00uur01 November 2019
Bouwupdate 20 september: storten vloer + boorwerkzaamheden20 September 2019
Bouwupdate 16 september16 September 2019
Construction update: Renovation of the pond & Toilets Heymans building ground floor + 1st floor06 September 2019
Construction update 30 August: Monday 2 September concrete pouring, 4 to 6 September ramp Ambulatorium closed30 August 2019
Bouwupdate 26 augustus: hinder door montage vloeren (26+27 aug), betonstorten en hellingbaan Ambulatorium26 August 2019
Bouwupdate 19 juli: overlast door aanbrengen staal - bouwvak18 July 2019
Bouwupdate 12 juli: overlast in week 30 door aanbrengen staal - bouwlift achterkant Nieuwenhuisgebouw12 July 2019
Bouwupdate 5 juli: Zagen trapuitsparingen Heymansaanbouw, dakwerkzaamheden Nieuwenhuisgebouw, werkzaamheden in Munting05 July 2019
Bouwupdate 28 juni: Toiletten begane grond Heymansgebouw dicht, toegang Ambulatorium en duurzame dakbedekking Ambulatorium en Nieuwenhuisgebouw28 June 2019
Building update: first contours visible, delivery materials, paintwork 4th floor Heymansgebouw21 June 2019
Bouwupdate 7 juni 2019: uitwijkwerkplekken, overlast realisatie extra ruimtes Heymansvleugel11 June 2019
Bouwupdate 24 mei: In week 3 - 7 juni overlast door betonstorten en boren29 May 2019
Renovation update: Inconvience around Heymansgebouw expected in week 21 + work on air conditioning restaurant Ambulatorium17 May 2019
Bouwupdate 10 mei 2019: brandscherm 4e verdieping + fundering + vloeren10 May 2019
Construction fences closed in week 1718 April 2019
Start of renovation of the extension Heymans building: construction crane + alternative walking routes16 April 2019
Informatieavond omwonenden 15 oktober08 October 2018
Contractor known for the renewed extension28 September 2018
‘Old Extension’ of Faculty GMW to become modern, open building with views of the Hortus Garden10 July 2018
Bladergroenvleugel krijgt koelinstallatie10 July 2018


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