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Oxford Handbook on Gossip and Reputation. Francesca Giardini & Rafael Wittek (eds.)

03 juni 2019
Oxford Handbook on Gossip and Reputation.

Edited by Francesca Giardini & Rafael Wittek

Uitgever: Oxford University Press
Pagina's: 656
Jaar: 2019
ISBN: 9780190494087

Gossip and reputation are core processes in societies and have substantial consequences for individuals, groups, communities, organizations, and markets.. Academic studies have found that gossip and reputation have the power to enforce social norms, facilitate cooperation, and act as a means of social control. The key mechanism for the creation, maintenance, and destruction of reputations in everyday life is gossip - evaluative talk about absent third parties. Reputation and gossip are inseparably intertwined, but up until now have been mostly studied in isolation.

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