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Professionalization and Participation in Child and Youth Care

Challenging Understandings in Theory and Practice
12 maart 2018

Professionalization and Participation in Child and Youth Care: Challenging Understandings in Theory and Practice

E.J. Knorth, P.M. van den Bergh & F. Verheij (eds.)

Uitgever: Routledge – Taylor & Francis Group
Pagina’s: 268
Jaar: 2018, reissued
ISBN: 978-1-138-72824-0 (hbk)
ISBN: 978-1-315-19004-4 (ebk)

The field of child and youth care is under increasing pressure to optimize its mission: to deliver high quality support and to help children, parents and families in need of care. Two questions have arisen in many countries in the face of this pressure: the professional quality of childcare and the participant quality of childcare. These issues have traditionally been discussed separately; this unique book brings them together for an enlightening discussion. Examining the possible antagonism of childcare workers operating as professionals and clients participating as fully engaged partners, the book brings to light a new vision on developments and research in the field and informs the reader on recent findings. The expertise of the contributors makes this a truly valuable read for practitioners, policy makers, researchers and students in the field of child and youth care.


‘This impressive, internationally authored volume speaks directly to the questions of care, treatment, education-for-living, nurture and safety that lie at the very heart of contemporary policy and practice for vulnerable youth and their families in modern societies. The senior editors, Knorth, Van den Bergh and Verheij from Holland - all recognized researchers in youth care and adolescent treatment - have assembled an impressive array of contributors from Europe and North America, all speaking to various aspects of the knowledge and skill base, training and education for youth care workers who staff a variety of residential and community centered non-residential programs for troubled youths. This book will be helpful to all who work with troubled youth, their families and those who care for them. It will serve as a valuable primary or secondary text for courses in child and youth care work, social work with children and families and adolescent development. The text is accessible and replete with practical suggestions for improving youth care practice, policy and research.’
James K. Whittaker, University of Washington, USA

‘I would recommend this book to teachers and advocates of social work as well as front-line practitioners wanting to provide better outcomes for children, young people and families.’ Social Work Review

‘I am already planning to use this text in a course I teach on policy and the profession in child and youth care, and I would encourage others to do the same. Cheers to the editors and chapter authors for taking on a difficult task and succeeding in addressing two very important topics for children, families, and child and youth care.’

European Journal of Social Work

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