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Histories of Human Engineering. Maarten Derksen

Tact and Technology
14 juni 2017

Histories of Human Engineering. Tact and technology. Maarten Derksen

Uitgever: Cambridge University Press
Pagina's: 276
jaar: 2017
ISBN is: 9781107057432

The dream of control over human behaviour is an old dream, shared by many cultures. This fascinating account of the histories of human engineering describes how technologies of managing individuals and groups were developed from the nineteenth century to the present day, ranging from brainwashing and mind control to Dale Carnegie's art of dealing with people. Derksen reveals that common to all of them is the perpetual tension between the desire to control people's behaviour and the resistance this provokes. Thus to influence other people successfully, technology had to be combined with tact: with a personal touch, with a subtle hint, or with outright deception, manipulations are made palatable or invisible. Combining psychological history and theory with insights from science and technology studies and rhetorical scholarship, Derksen offers a fresh perspective on human engineering that will appeal to those interested in the history of psychology and the history of technology.

  • Offers a new approach to the study of technology, from the perspective of psychology and the social sciences
  • Draws attention to tact, a previously neglected topic which is vital to the success of human engineering
  • Combines psychological history and theory with concepts and insights from science and technology studies (STS) and rhetorical scholarship
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