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Academic advisors

Science and Engineering

  • This table provides an overview of all academic advisors of the Faculty of Science and Engineering.
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Degree programme Academic Advisor(s)
BSc Applied Mathematics Mirjam Nederveen
BSc Applied Physics Rianne Gringhuis
BSc Artificial Intelligence Jennifer Smit-Hobbs / Diandian Guo
BSc Astronomy Diandian Guo
BSc Biology Anna Henkel / Karin Weel
Bsc Biomedical Engineering Elke Noens
BSc Chemical Engineering Solita van Duin
BSc Chemistry Geartsje Zondervan
BSc Computing Science Nikolai Klitzing
BSc Industrial Engineering & Management Jorrit Waslander
BSc Life Science & Technology Karin Weel / Anna Henkel
BSc Mathematics Mirjam Nederveen
BSc Pharmacy Lisette Klein / Mirjan van Timmeren
BSc Physics Rianne Gringhuis
MSc Applied Physics Rianne Gringhuis
MSc Applied Mathematics Mirjam Nederveen
MSc Artificial Intelligence Diandian Guo
MSc Astronomy Diandian Guo
MSc Behavioural and Cognitive Neurosciences Lisette Klein
MSc Biology Maartje Giesbers
MSc Biomedical Sciences Elke Noens
MSc Biomedical Engineering Elke Noens
MSc Biomolecular Sciences Maartje Giesbers
MSc Chemical Engineering Solita van Duin
MSc Chemistry Geartsje Zondervan
MSc Computing Science Nikolai Klitzing
MSc Ecology & Evolution Maartje Giesbers
MSc Educatie & Communicatie Wendy Hof
MSc Energy & Environmental Sciences Nikolai Klitzing
MSc Farmacie Lisette Klein / Mirjan van Timmeren
MSc Human-Machine Communication Diandian Guo
MSc Industrial Engineering & Management Solita van Duin
MSc Marine Biology Maartje Giesbers
MSc Mathematics Mirjam Nederveen
MSc. Mechanical Engineering Geartsje Zondervan
MSc Medical Pharmaceutical Sciences Elke Noens
MSc Nanoscience Geartsje Zondervan
MSc Physics Rianne Gringhuis
MSc Science Education & Communication

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