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Publications 2021

Avraamidou, L. (2021). More than just a woman physicist. Physics, 14(75).

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Book chapters

Mali, A., Petropoulou, G., Biza, I., & Hewitt, D. (2021). The research mathematicians in the classroom: How their practice has potential to foster student horizon. In M. Goos & K. Beswick (Eds.) The Learning and Development of Mathematics Teacher Educators: International Perspectives and Challenges (pp. 63-82). Cham: Springer.

Smith, T., Siry, C., Adams, J. D., Stewart, S. & Watson-Campbell, P. (2021). Advancing STEM education in Jamaica: Recursive approaches to culturally- and contextually-relevant curricula design. In E. Blair & K. Williams (Eds.), Handbook on Caribbean Education (pp. 387-408). Information Age Publishing.

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