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Publications 2020

Papers published in peer-reviewed scientific journals

Avraamidou, L . (2020). “I am a young immigrant woman doing physics and on top of that I am Muslim”: Identities, Intersections, and Negotiations. Journal of Research in Science Teaching. 57(3), 311-341.

Themistocleous, S., Avraamidou, L. & Vrasidas, C. (2020). Mobile games for negotiated-play and decision-making in health literacy. EURASIA Journal of Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education, 16(9), 1-12.

Dillon, J. & Avraamidou, L. (2020). Towards a viable response to COVID-19 from the science education community. Journal for Activist Science and Technology Education, 11(2), 1-6.

Bronkhorst, H., Roorda, G., Suhre, C., & Goedhart, M. (2020). Logical reasoning in formal and everyday reasoning tasks. International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education, 18(8), 1673–1694.

Mesa, V., & Mali, A. (2020). Studying student actions with dynamic textbooks in university settings: the log as research instrument. For the learning of mathematics, 40(2), 8-14.

Purwaningsih, E., Suryadi, A., & Munfaridah, N. (2020). “I am a Rhetoric Physics Student-Teacher”: Identity Construction of an Indonesian Physics Student-Teacher. EURASIA Journal of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education,16(12).

Stadermann, H. K. E., & Goedhart, M. J. (2020). Secondary school students’ views of nature of science in quantum physics. International Journal of Science Education, 42(6), 997-1016. doi:10.1080/09500693.2020.1745926

Van den Eynde, S., Schermerhorn, B. P., Deprez, J., Goedhart, M ., Thompson, J. R., & De Cock, M. (2020). Dynamic conceptual blending analysis to model student reasoning processes while integrating mathematics and physics: A case study in the context of the heat equation. Physical Review Physics Education Research, 16(1), 010114.

Van Rooij, E. C. M., Fokkens-Bruinsma, M., & Goedhart, M. J . (2020). Identifying Potential Secondary School Teachers among Science University Students: A Latent Profile Analysis. Journal of Science Teacher Education, 31(5), 556-577.

Book chapters

Erduran, S., Kaya, E. &Avraamidou, L . (2020). Does Research on Nature of Science and Social Justice Intersect? Exploring Theoretical and Practical Convergence for Science Education. In H.A. Yacoubian & L. Hansson (Eds.). Nature of Science for Social Justice. Pp. 97-113. Springer.

Conference contributions

Avraamidou, L. & Schwartz, R. (2020, July). New directions in understanding

relationships among science learning experiences, science identity and understandings of the nature of science. Keynote talk at the ESERA virtual doctoral students network.

Drymiotou, I., Constantinou, C. P. & Avraamidou, L. (2020, June). Enhancing students’ interest in science and STEM careers: The role of career-based scenarios and students’ self-views in relation to science. Presentation at the Doctoral Conference of School of Education, University of Bristol.

Munfaridah, N., Avraamidou, L ., & Goedhart, M. (2020, July). Preservice physics teachers’ development of physics identities: The role of multiple representations. 316-323. ESERA Virtual Doctoral Network.

Munfaridah, N., Avraamidou, L ., & Goedhart, M. (2020, June). Exploring preservice physics teachers’ development of physics identity through the use of multiple representations (MR): Preliminary findings. 21-22. Abstract from School of Education Doctoral Conference 2020.

Smith, T. & Avraamidou, L . (2020, July). Authoring a science identity: A case study with Afro-Caribbean students in the Netherlands. 376-384. ESERA Virtual Doctoral Network.

Stadermann, H. K. E., & Goedhart, M. J.(2020, November). How and why teachers use nature of science in quantum physics Paper presented at the GIREP Web Conference, Malta.

Van den Eynde, S., Schermerhorn, B.,Goedhart, M ., Deprez, J., John, T., & De Cock, M. (2020). Dynamic conceptual blending analysis to model student reasoning processes while integrating mathematics and physics. Abstract from Physics Education Research Conference 2020.

Van den Eynde, S., Goedhart, M ., Deprez, J., & De Cock, M. (2020). Tutorial to connect mathematics and physics of the heat equation. Abstract from American Association of Physics Teachers Summer meeting 2020.

Van der Leij, T. (2020, January). ‘Ethiek in de biologieles? Jazeker!’ Oordeelsvorming bij biologie [workshop]. ZEE KUST KLAS - 34ste NIBI-conferentie voor bovenbouw havo en vwo, Egmond aan Zee.

Van der Leij, T. (2020, November). Meningsvorming…best lastig! [‘values clarification’ with regard to landscape and biodiversity] [Gastles voor vwo-4 leerlingen]. ‘SUSTAIN’ (EU-funded lesson program on sustainable landscapes), online.

Conference proceedings

Drymiotou, I. & Constantinou, C.P. (2020). Strengthening Students’ Interest in Science: The Case of Saving the Polar Bears. In Levrini, O. & Tasquier, G. (Eds.), Electronic Proceedings of the ESERA 2019 Conference. The beauty and pleasure of understanding: engaging with contemporary challenges through science education, Part 5: Teaching-Learning Sequences as Innovations for Science Teaching and Learning (co-ed. Nikos Papadouris & Italo Testa), (pp. 692-702). Bologna: University of Bologna. 978- 88-945874-0-1978-88-945874-0-1

Karavi, T., Potari, D., & Zachariades, T. (2020). Proof Teaching at the University Level: the case of a lecturer who is mathematician and mathematics educator. In T. Hausberger, M. Bosch & F. Chellougui (Eds.), Proceedings of the Third Conference of the International Network for Didactic Research in University Mathematics (INDRUM 2020, 12-19 September 2020) (pp. 473-482). Bizerte, Tunisia: University of Carthage and INDRUM.

Media Contributions

Dillon, J. & Avraamidou, L. (July 9, 2020). Science education should withdraw from international tests. Science Daily.

Dillon, J. & Avraamidou, L. (July 15, 2020). Focus on PISA has damaged science curriculum. TES.

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