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Publications 2010

Research publications in peer-reviewed journals

Vos, P., Braber, N.S. den, Roorda, G. & Goedhart, M.J. (2010). Hoe begrijpen en gebruiken docenten van de schoolvakken natuurkunde, scheikunde en economie het wiskundige concept ‘afgeleide’? [How do science teachers understand and use the mathematical concept ‘derivative’]. Tijdschrift voor Didactiek der Bètawetenschappen, 27(1&2), 37-62.

De Bock, D., Van Dooren, W., & Vos, P. (2010). Transdisciplinair vakdidactisch onderzoek: wiskundige verbanden in de wetenschappen als casus [Transdisciplinary domain-specific educational research: the case of mathematical relationships in science]. Tijdschrift voor Didactiek der Bètawetenschappen, 27(1&2), 3-5.


Medhiyev, R. & Vos, P. (2010). ICT (Information Communication Technologies) in mathematics education: Exploring students’ learning experiences when using a Dynamic geometry Software (DGS) tool in geometry class. Saarbrücken, Germany: Lambert Academic Publishing.

Book chapters (peer-reviewed)

Jansen, E., & Goedhart, M. (2010). (Inter)disciplinary Dublin descriptors? Implementation of the Bologna Process in a Dutch University. In M. Davies, M. Devlin & M. Tight (Eds.), Interdisciplinary higher education: Perspectives and practicalities (pp. 93-103). Bingley (UK): Emerald Group publishing.

Contributions to conferences

Ossevoort, M. A., van Lacum, E. B. & Goedhart, M. J. (2010, March). Experience with primary literature by undergraduate life science students: a lesson in scientific argumentation. Paper presented at the NARST Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, USA.

Vos P. (2010, June). Maakt e-learning het wiskundeonderwijs meer procedureel en minder conceptueel? Case studie van zes experimentele ELO-modules [Does e-learning cause mathematics education to become more procedural and less conceptual? Case study of six experimental e-modules]. Paper presented at OnderwijsResearchDagen, Enschede.

Goedhart, M., Van Seters, J., Ossevoort, M.,Tramper, J., Perrenet, J., Zwaneveld, B., Van Lacum, E., Koopman, L., Kaper, W., Ellermeijer, T., & Van der Rijst, R. (2010, June). Bètadidactisch onderzoek in het hoger onderwijs. Nodig en nuttig?! Symposium presented at OnderwijsResearchDagen, Enschede.

Van Seters, J., Ossevoort, M., Tramper, H., & Goedhart, M. (2010, June). Evaluatie van adaptief digitaal leermateriaal voor biotechnologie in universitair onderwijs. Paper presented at the OnderwijsResearchDagen, Enschede, June 2010.

Van Lacum, E., Ossevoort, M., & Goedhart, M. (2010, June). Hoe eerstejaarsstudenten conclusies en onderbouwingen identificeren in onderzoeksartikelen. Paper presented at the OnderwijsResearchDagen, Enschede.

Goedhart, M.J. (2010, July). Reflections on representations in chemical education. Paper presented at 10th ECRICE, Krakow, Poland.

Ossevoort, M. A., van Lacum, E. B. & Goedhart, M. J. (2010, July). A lesson in scientific argumentation: experience with research articles by undergraduate biology students. Paper presented at ERIDOB conference, Braga, Portugal.

Boer, H., Prins, G., Boersma, K., & Goedhart, M. (2010, July). Coherence between chemistry and biology through authentic practices as context for learning. Poster presented at ESERA Summerschool, Udine, Italy.

Vos, P. (2010, August). Designing e-learning for Advanced Mathematics and the emphasis on procedural and conceptual understanding. Paper presented at ECER2010 (European Conference on Educational Research), Helsinki, Finland.

Research report

Dijkstra, E. & Goedhart, M. (2010). Evaluation of Carboschools. Students’, teachers’ and scientists’ opinions on authentic science projects in a European context. University of Groningen, Groningen.

Professional publications

Apotheker, J, Pilot, A., Van Streun, A., & Goedhart, M. (2010). Chemisches Rechnen. Ein Beispiel für die kooperative Bearbeitung von Aufgaben. Naturwissenschaften im Unterricht Chemie, 22(Sammelband), 124-127.

Vos, P. (2010). TIMSS 2008 Advanced; een internationale vergelijking van de beste groepen bètaleerlingen. [TIMSS 2008 Advanced, an international comparison of the best students in the sciences]. Euclides, 85(5), 189-193.

Dijkstra, E. & Goedhart, M. (2010). “I liked it all!” How students appreciate Carboschools– and what impact it has on them. In Global change: from research to the classroom (pp. 57-68). Carboschools consortium.

Goedhart, M. (2010). Centraal examen gijzelt natuurkundeonderwijs. Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Natuurkunde, 76(10) 349.

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