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The streets of Gulu, Northern Uganda

Youth and Ethics: fieldwork in (post-)conflict Uganda

Date:01 November 2018
Author:Julia Doornbos

Northern Uganda has been the battleground of the infamous Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) from 1986 until 2006. Led by Joseph Kony, this rebel group waged war and terrorized the Acholi region, to take down Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni and to establish a state...

Figure 1 - Model of liveability

Liveability in the villages of Annen, Anloo, Eext and Tynaarlo

Date:12 April 2018
Author:Marion Plegt & Daan Vegter


The village of Garmerwolde (source:

Loneliness and the Social Network

Date:09 January 2018
Author:Gijs Westra, Felipe Melo Pissardo en Stijn Ringnalda

Ageing and loneliness in a village
In the first period of this year, we did a research into loneliness among older adults in Garmerwolde, a village near Groningen. This research is relevant in light of recent demographic changes in the Netherlands. Namely,...

Masqat in all its glory. The yacht is property of Sultan Qaboos

Researching identities in Oman

Date:11 September 2017
Author:Nicky Theunissen

In April 2017, I found myself on Omani soil with a link to an online questionnaire, an interview guide for informal, unstructured interviews and a recording device. I figured the data collection would go smoothly, as I already had a personal network in Masqat...