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Minor: Philosophy


The English-taught Minor: Philosophy (30 ECTS) offers an exciting and comprehensive introduction into the major philosophers and philosophical ideas and theories from ancient times to the present.

In the first course you will study some great thinkers from Plato to Kant. The next course will take you into the philosophical debates of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, featuring Hegel, Nietzsche, Sartre, Russell, Wittgenstein, and many more. The other courses are devoted to four important areas of contemporary philosophical thinking: ethics, philosophy of science, social-political philosophy, and logic and argumentation.

From these six courses you will learn what philosophical thinking is, how it has been carried out over the centuries, and how exciting logical reasoning, clear thinking, conceptual analysis and reflection is. And you will discover how important philosophy is.

As Socrates had already said: “the un-examined life is not worth living”. If you are a critical thinker who’d like to broaden and deepen your knowledge and thinking, this minor is an absolute must.

Course name Code Type Period (preliminary)
History of Philosophy I (5 ECTS) FI170GES1 compulsory semester 1a (sept-nov)
Reasoning and Arguing (5 ECTS) FI080RED compulsory semester 1a (sept-nov)
Social and Political Philosophy (5 ECTS) FI140SPF compulsory semester 1a (sept-nov)
Good and Evil: Introduction to Ethics (5 ECTS) FI080GEK compulsory semester 1b (nov-feb)
History of Philosophy II (5 ECTS) FI180GES2 compulsory semester 1b (nov-feb)
Philosophy of Science (5 ECTS) FI180WET compulsory semester 1b (nov-feb)

Enrolment details

There is an enrolment cap of 100 students. If the minor is full, please check the enrolment page regularly to see if spaces are available. After having registered succesfully for the Minor in Philosophy, you will be enrolled in the individual courses by the education administration of the Faculty of Philosophy.

Eager for more?

If you have enjoyed this Minor, why not upgrade it to a Bachelor's degree by adding another 30 EC ? In the Bachelor “Philosophy of a specific discipline”, you combine your own bachelor with this one-year bachelor programme (30 ECTS Minor, 5 ECTS specialisation course, 15 ECTS electives from the regular bachelor, and 10 ECTS thesis). At the end of three or four years you will have two bachelor degrees!

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