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Heerlen receives the most, Bloemendaal the least

Municipalities receive €33.5 billion in government funding
09 November 2016
Rijksuitkeringen aan gemeenten 2016

Heerlen receives €3,499 per inhabitant in government funding. This is more than 77 percent higher than the national average of €1,974. Bloemendaal, Midden-Delfland and Blaricum receive less than €1,000 per inhabitant. These figures are based on research carried out by the Centre for Research on Local Government Economics (COELO) of the University of Groningen.

Heerlen receives more money from the government because of its weak social structure and central function. The city is compensated for the higher costs it makes. Houses are cheap in Heerlen, so the yields from local property tax are low. This also generates more government funding.

Regional differences

The larger municipalities and municipalities in North-East Groningen, North Friesland and South Limburg receive more money from the government (see the atlas on Municipalities such as Bloemendaal, Midden-Delfland and Blaricum are assumed to have lower costs and generate higher income from local taxes.

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