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First 12 staff members start in FEB’s Academic Education Track

08 July 2022

The Faculty of Economics and Business has selected 12 staff members to start in the Academic Education Track (AET) as of 1 September 2022. With this new career trajectory focused on teaching, the faculty commits to excellent education and offers space to the diverse talents of our staff members.

Per September almost every department will have one or more AETers in their group. In the department of Economics, Econometrics and Finance, Anouk Schippers, Gert-Jan Romensen, Daniël Vullings and David Peng will start in the Academic Education Track. Nikolaos Terzidis, Andrea Kuiken and Juliette de Wit, from the Department of Global Economics & Management, were also selected for the AET.

In the department of Human Resource Management & Organizational Behavior, Jesús Mascareno and Jacoba Oedzes will start in the Academic Education Track. Tri Tran and Sabine Waschull, who are part of the Department of Operations, were also selected for the AET. In the Department of Marketing, Martijn Keizer will start with the track.

These 12 staff members will form a substantial group through which the faculty will gain experience with the AET. With this track, FEB commits to excellent education, educational innovation and talent development in education, in addition to continuous educational improvement and leadership in education.

Background AET

In the past decade, FEB implemented a tenure track emphasizing performance in research, teaching, and collegiality and collaboration. Although this tenure track devotes attention to all three domains simultaneously, in practice, top performances in research are often expected. This limits the career opportunities for academic staff who want to focus on excellent performance in education. The new career path should bring about change to this end.

To acknowledge and reward excellent performance in education, to provide career opportunities for education-focused academic staff, and to continuously improve and innovate our education, we developed the AET, a career path for academic staff focusing on education.

Given our focus on Research Driven Education and our ambition to combine research and education, this track is an academic track in which staff members are capable of conducting and publishing high quality research and are aware of recent developments in their scientific fields.

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