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Courses, exams and related matters

Semesters at the University of Groningen are divided into two blocks. Semester 1 takes from September to February and semester 2 from February to mid-July.

Exchange students can only enroll in courses open to exchange students. The Faculty of Economics and Business offers courses on master and 2nd and 3rd year bachelor level to exchange students. Additionally, all exchange student can enroll in Dutch Studies courses at the Faculty of Arts. At their own expense, students can also take language courses at the Language Centre. Please note that students do not receive ECTS for language courses, but merely an attendance certificate.

The time schedules of the first semester are published in July while the time schedules of the second semester are published in December.

Please find links to the courses the Faculty of Economics and Business offers to exchange students below.

Important information on courses

Please be aware that there is no course drop period. After the enrollment deadline, students are supposed to stick with the courses they selected.

Courses with limited access

In the course list you will find a couple of courses with limited access. For courses with limited access, the number of exchange students who can attend them is limited. If you want to enroll in one of those courses, you need to inform the Exchange Office FEB first. For courses of the 1st semester, students need to inform the Exchange Office until the 10th of August. For courses of the 2nd semester, students need to inform the Exchange Office until the 10th of January.

Course workload

  • Exchange students should enroll in 2-3 course per block, which equals 10-15 ECTS per block. It is possible to enroll in a maximum of 4 courses/20 ECTS per block.
  • One ECTS equals 28 hours of study. Those hours include preparing for and attending classes, group works, assignments, exams and so on.

Please download the PDF below for information on topics such as course and exam enrollment, tutorial groups, retakes, courses at other faculties and our grading system.


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