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The ECTS Grading Table

The Dutch grading system is used from elementary through to university education. The scale runs from 1 to 10 . The passing grades range from 6 (satisfactory) to 10 (outstanding). The grades 1 to 3 are hardly used; the grade 10 is rarely awarded.

10 = outstanding
9 = very good
8 = good
7 = more than satisfactory
6 = satisfactory
5 = almost satisfactory
4 = unsatisfactory
3 = very unsatisfactory
2 = poor
1 = very poor

Different study programmes tend to award grades in various ways. For instance: it may be easier for a student in study programme A to obtain an 8 than it is for a student in study programme B. In order to make the grades that are awarded in a specific degree programme more transparent, to better determine their actual value, and for mobile students to enable a fair conversion into local grades, the ECTS Grading Table has been introduced.

The grading table provides a statistical distribution of grades for a specific degree programme, calculated over the past three years. It indicates the percentage of students who gained the grades mentioned in the transcript of records and gives a clear indication of the student’s performance in relation to the current and the previous cohorts.

Example: see 4.4 of the Diploma Supplement

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