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Master internship

Master Internship

With the current job market for recent graduates being more competitive than ever, employers increasingly want to see work experience from the new graduates that they hire. Therefore, the Faculty of Economics and Business offers students of all MSc programmes (except for the Research Master) the possibility of doing a Master Internship (MI).

Next to 15 ECs on top of your Masters Degree, the MI offers you the opportunity to gain work experience, combine theory and practice and explore your career interests and skills. As soon as you started your MSc programme, you will be added automatically to the Master Internship nestor course, where you will read about the procedures and deadlines to do an internship in your second semester.

Goals of the master internship

Upon completion of this internship, you will be able to

  • Reflect on knowledge and methods from your study field in relation to practical organisational problem
  • Reflect on organisational processes and structures in real life
  • Reflect on own learning process and determine development points
  • Communicate the project results effectively to the organisation
Benefits of the master internship

Main benefits for you

  • Gain relevant work experience
  • Develop your professional network
  • Combine theory and practice
  • Gain insight in your professional skills and ambitions
  • Increase your future employment prospects
  • Gain extra 15 ECTS on top of your MSc degree
Opportunities of work-based learning

The basis for the MI is work-based learning: you will learn on and from the job. This means that you will be supervised mainly by your company supervisor, because the colleagues at your internship company have the expertise and facilities to provide the opportunities and supervision for your work-based learning.

How does it work

In the Master Internship (MI), you do an internship related to your MSc programme directly after your first semester and before writing your thesis. As mentioned before, this internship is all about work based learning, meaning you will get guidance from your company supervisor instead of a FEB lecturer. In the end you will have to deliver a reflective portfolio, also containing a feedback form your company supervisor filled out about you and your work. Your portfolio will be assessed by your Programme Internship Coordinator.

Engaging in a MI means postponing your thesis, therefore extending your programme to 1,5 years. The MI will be officially listed as an extra-curricular course on your MSc diploma.

As soon as you start your MSc programme, you will be added to the Master Internship nestor course automatically, which gives you access to all the information about procedures, deadlines, vacancies, etc.

What our students say

Picture from Jasmijns private collection

Jasmijn Staal was one of the first students participating in the FEB Master Internship, who found an internship at Bike New York. At the company, Jasmijn owned a project on how to attract more international cyclists to Bike New York's events. She created a social media strategy and manual, generated content for the different social media channels and was responsible for taking photos at events and classes. "Through the Master Internship I have been able to experience working life and the business culture of New York City. I applied the knowledge I’ve gathered during my MSc Marketing to real life situations in a non-profit organization with relatively limited resources. This was a great and interesting challenge! And, to top it all off, I’ve lived my dream of calling New York City my home for a while."

Maarten Vennix

Maarten Vennix did an internship at Travelbird during his Master Technology and Operations Management. "I have developed a view on my role in the labour market and am now more confident in deciding which next step to take professionally. A Master Internship is a perfect way to explore what you want and what you're good at. I'd recommend it to anyone who doesn't have a specific occupation in mind."

Tips from Maarten:

  • Ask for feedback: everyone else is coming to work for their salary; your salary is your supervisor's feedback
  • Be vocal about what you want to achieve during your internship: from developing specific skills to working with many disciplines to finding out what suits you best, as an intern you shouldn't be afraid to make this experience about you'
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