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Working in the Netherlands as an International


To start up a career in the Netherlands you will need information on administrative procedure, career advice and other useful tips & tricks. We have gathered some sources that shall help you along the way.

To help international students establish connections within the Dutch labour market, FEB Career Services organizes various company events and use the FEB Alumni network to encourage and enable everyone to build an own network from early on.

Orientation Year (Search Year)

To strengthen the Dutch labour market and to attract foreign talents, the Netherlands have introduced the Orientation Year. For a period of up to twelve months, recent graduates from non-EU countries and scientific researchers are able to stay in or come to the Netherlands. During that time frame they are able to look for a job or work without an extra work permit. Thus, they are able to work without having to apply for a work permit.

Within three years of graduating, an application for the Orientation Year can be handed in. The Orientation Year Permit is turned into a residence permit for highly skilled migrants, once the job search was successful.

Detailed information on the Orientation Year can be found here.

Recruitment agencies for non-Dutch speakers

In the Netherlands there are many recruitment agencies that focus on international talents.

Career sources for non-Dutch speakers

We have made a selection of sources that you might find helpful for starting up a career in the Netherlands. They will provide you with information on the Dutch application processes, job vacancy websites and many more helpful things.

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